Mosley: Liberty should have kept Ecclestone in top role

Sutton Images

Former FIA president Max Mosley has questioned Liberty Media's decision to sideline Bernie Ecclestone in Formula One's hierarchy.

Mosley, who stood down as FIA president in 2009, was a close ally of Ecclestone while they were running the sport and has continued to speak in support of his old friend in recent years. Following last month's news that new owners Liberty Media had replaced Ecclestone with American businessman Chase Carey as F1's CEO, Mosley said it would have been wiser to keep Ecclestone in charge of certain aspects of the sport.

"If it had been me in the case of Liberty, I'd have kept Bernie on to do the things that he's superbly good at -- such as dealing with the promoters and the organisers and all that side of it," Mosley told Reuters. "But of course they bought a business and are fully entitled to come in and think they can run the whole business better and we'll just have to see what happens."

Mosley also thinks Liberty might find F1 harder to run than they expect.

"It always looks easy from the outside," he added. "It's like if I think I could go and fix horse racing. But if you actually go and try and do it, you find there are a whole mass of problems you never even knew about. But maybe they will be very successful and get the job done."

Carey has talked about making each grand prix into an event on the same scale as NFL's Super Bowl, but Mosley warned against F1 trying to be something it is not.

"I think that's easy to say, it's not quite clear to me what that means," he said. "But the Super Bowl...is that so wonderful? I don't want to be unkind, but Americans always think they can do everything better than anybody else. And they're not always right as a lot of recent history shows."