Martin Brundle suffered heart attack during Sky Sports' Monaco GP coverage

Mark Sutton/Sutton Images

Sky Sports commentator and former Formula One driver Martin Brundle has revealed he suffered a minor heart attack while running to the podium at the end of last year's coverage of the Monaco Grand Prix.

Brundle drove in 158 races over 12 years in F1 and is credited with starting the televised grid walks before F1 races. The Englishman now splits his time between the role of analyst and commentator alongside David Croft.

During his duties this year, Brundle fell ill immediately after Lewis Hamilton's victory at Monte Carlo.

"I had a small heart attack running to do the podium in Monaco," he said on Thursday. Despite the heart attack, Brundle still conducted the interviews with the top three, Hamilton, Daniel Ricciardo and Sergio Perez.

It forced Brundle to miss Sky's coverage of the Canadian Grand Prix as he underwent surgery, later tweeting a thank-you message to the surgeon for fixing his "serious heart issue", something which gave him "confidence to race". The operation allowed him to compete at a Le Mans 24 Hours support race in an LMP3 car just over two weeks later, where he set the pole position lap and finished second in the race.

"I ended up with a 23mm stent in my left arterial descending. So I didn't think I could do the race and the cardio guy said 'yeah, you can do the race, just don't forget your blood thinners'.

"I went to Palmersport and did 75 laps in a car and thought 'yeah, I can do this'. I had bruises coming out of my chest but I thought 'I love Le Mans, I'm not going to miss this'. I sat at the press conference and there was a 17-year-old and a 19-year-old sitting alongside me and I thought 'that's not bad for an old geezer, 57'. We finished second in the race which was unfortunate, not first."