Lewis Hamilton: Nico Rosberg had nothing on me in Brazil

Sutton Images

SAO PAULO, Brazil -- Although Lewis Hamilton left Brazil with a slimmer chance of winning the title than when he arrived, he said he took huge satisfaction from the manner in which he beat Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg to victory on Sunday.

Hamilton cut the gap in the drivers' standings to 12 points by winning in Brazil, meaning he needs Rosberg to finish fourth or lower at the final round in Abu Dhabi to be in with a chance of winning the title. Despite the odds being stacked against him in the championship, Hamilton said he left Brazil satisfied he had proven himself as the stronger driver in Sao Paulo's tricky conditions.

"I am happy that I beat everyone today," he said. "I am happy that with the same car I beat Nico -- and Nico is driving at his best right now but today he had nothing on me.

"I am happy that we as a team have continued to make history and feel my mechanics, who were given to me at the beginning of the year, have gelled so well and are doing a fantastic job. I'm super happy with my engineers, who are the best.

"Nico is doing all he has to do, which is finish every race and not have any problems. I am in an awkward position going into the last race, it doesn't make a big difference if I drive like I do now because I have already lost so much earlier in the year. But I won't give up because you never know what could happen."

Hamilton has won the last three races, clawing back 21 points to Rosberg who has finished second to him each time. Although engine problems and poor starts cost Hamilton dear in earlier rounds this season, he said he is still proud of his achievements with his team this season.

"I am and will be proud of myself if I continue to perform as I am," he added. "I am proud of who has been a part of helping us win these races. What a year. To have nine wins is amazing. I think it is my 31st or 32nd win with the team, which is just crazy. I am just really thankful that these guys have given me such a great opportunity and I have capitalised on it."