Fernando Alonso promises to stick to driving after shaky cameraman debut

Sutton Images

SAO PAULO, Brazil -- Fernando Alonso has promised to stick to his day job after a reliability issue presented an opportunity for him to test his camerawork during second practice for the Brazilian Grand Prix.

A data anomaly relating to the ERS water pressure on Alonso's McLaren-Honda forced him to pull over at the side of the track midway through Friday's afternoon practice session. Seemingly stuck on the outside of the circuit, Alonso bided his time by watching cars and kicking stones before a cameraman offered him his seat behind the FOM TV camera at the exit of the Senna Esses.

The footage caught by Alonso left a lot to be desired.

"I need to get up to technology and improve my skills," Alonso said. "The [camera] joystick now seems very, very sensitive, so they told me on the headset that they will broadcast when [Sergio] Perez was coming so I tried to find Perez and I found this guy on the asphalt, but not Perez!

"Unfortunately another problem in the practice but I tried to have a good sense of humour and to try not to repeat the same thing tomorrow."

Alonso confirmed the issue occurred on a practice engine and should not result in a grid penalty if it proves terminal.

"The team saw an anomaly in the telemetry and told me to stop and now we have to analyse what happened. But it was already planned to change the Power Unit for tomorrow, this was our Friday engine, so we'll put the race engine in tomorrow and there shouldn't be any issue. It will be the same we used in Austin."

With his race engine installed, Alonso is hoping he can return his McLaren-Honda to a points finish this weekend.

"Tomorrow we need to do a good qualifying. Overtaking here is quite difficult, it is quite a short track and tomorrow qualifying is quite important for us. We saw today it seems to be a little more competitive than recent races so we were 10th and 11th and there is a real chance of Q3 tomorrow and we have to take it."