Kevin Magnussen on why he turned down a Renault offer

Clive Mason/Getty Images

SAU PAULO, Brazil -- Kevin Magnussen would have been tempted to remain at Renault had the team been willing to offer him more than a single-year contract.

Magnussen is set to move to Haas next season after Renault confirmed this week that it would keep Jolyon Palmer alongside new signing Nico Hulkenberg. The Dane had been offered a contract by Renault to stay, but said he was not getting the right messages from the team management to accept it.

"Yeah, it was my decision," Magnussen said. "I had an offer, but it was not a good enough offer that I could take it.

"It was more the feeling of commitment from Renault's side [that made up my mind]. If they had committed to a longer contract then I would have probably looked at it much more seriously.

"It was more the feeling of them not committing, offering the drive to so many others and I think at one point the pope had an offer! It was a bit messy, so it's better for me to leave."

Renault had been in talks with several drivers about a 2017 drive, including Sergio Perez and Carlos Sainz. After failing to reach agreements to lure Perez and Sainz away from their respective teams, it announced the Hulkenberg deal while Magnussen and Palmer were left waiting to hear about their future.

"It really is a lot about the feeling I had with the management here," Magnussen added. "If I felt more commitment and decisiveness it would maybe have been different, but I'm happy the way it turned out at the end of the day.

"They didn't even tell me they were offering [the seat to other drivers]. More openness would have been good as well.

"Sometimes it's a bit difficult to know who is actually in charge here and who will make a decision. But that doesn't matter now and it's in the past.

"It is how it is and I have enjoyed my season with the team and I think it really is a great team. I love the people here and they have all been so friendly and they are very good as well, and I'm sure if they get the resources and the structure in place they can do the job.

"So there is sadness with leaving the team as well, I'm going to miss a lot of the people here. Hopefully we can keep in touch and luckily we will be in the same paddock next year. It's not all bad."