Charlie Whiting, Sebastian Vettel to face the press together

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

FIA race director Charlie Whiting is set to face the press on Thursday ahead of the Brazilian Grand Prix, where he will sit alongside Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen to discuss the controversy from Mexico.

Vettel escaped punishment after an angry verbal tirade over his radio towards the end of that race, where he told Whiting to "f--- off". The German driver had been upset that Verstappen had refused to yield third place despite holding on to the position by running off the track as they battled in the final laps.

Many thought Vettel should have been at least reprimanded, including Red Bull boss Christian Horner, while Verstappen suggested the four-time world champion "go back to school" to learn better language. In the end, a contrite Vettel sought out Whiting after the race following the race, before writing letters of apology the following week to the FIA.

In the note sent around with the Thursday press conference line-up, which is normally reserved for drivers, the FIA made it clear it hoped to clear up any lingering confusion over the fallout from Mexico.

"FIA race director Charlie Whiting will attend the latter part of the Thursday press conference, alongside the nominated drivers, to talk about the 2016 FIA Formula One Mexican Grand Prix," the note said. "On this occasion he will be present to address the topic ONLY in order to avoid questions which are not in line with the facts in discussion."

The other drivers attending the press conference are title contenders Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton, as well as Felipe Massa and Daniel Ricciardo.