Nico Hulkenberg confused by 'very strange' Lewis Hamilton Turn 1 incident

Nico Hulkenberg thinks it was "very strange" for the stewards to ignore Lewis Hamilton going across Turn 1 at the start of the Mexican Grand Prix as it has set a confusing precedent going forward.

Hamilton led off the line from pole but locked up into Turn 1, running across the grass and missing the Turn 2 apex completely. The world champion retained the lead and was not even investigated, something both Red Bull drivers questioned after the race.

Hulkenberg does not understand how the stewards could reason the world champion did not gain an advantage.

"Lewis' start thing was very strange," the German said. "I mean if that's not gaining an advantage then I don't know what is gaining an advantage. Had there been a gravel trap or a wall he would have been in big trouble. I don't know necessarily gravel traps.

"Maybe something like [cones] we have at other tracks like Sochi or Monza if you go off there you have to go around a certain thing to make you pay the price. Because where he braked there's no way he's going to make the corner."

When asked if It should have been a time penalty, he said: "I was surprised afterwards that it wasn't even looked at."

The other Mercedes also missed the Turn 1 apex, as Nico Rosberg banged wheels with Max Verstappen and had to bail out of the corner. Like Hamilton, he emerged from Turn 2 ahead and, despite a short stewards' investigation, he was spared a penalty.

"Racing into Turn 1 everyone is obviously fighting for every inch and braking on the limit with sliding. As I saw it Max wasn't like turning the steering to squeeze him wide, he was just sliding.

"He was also on the limit and it just happened to be like that that Nico was on the outside and they were sort of wheel-to-wheel and he pushed Nico a little bit wide, but I think in a way it helped Nico because then he could cut and that gave him an excuse [to go wide]."