Arrivabene outlines simple recipe for Ferrari success

Mark Thompson/Getty Images

All Ferrari needs to succeed is the right atmosphere to get on with the job, according to team boss Maurizio Arrivabene.

After a return to winning ways in 2015, Ferrari has struggled again in 2016 and in July parted ways with its technical director James Allison. Rather than recruit another big name from outside the team, Ferrari promoted Mattia Binotto from head of power units to technical director and reshuffled the technical departments underneath him.

With development focus now on 2017, Arrivabene says the only thing his team needs to succeed is a break in the extreme pressure it faces from outside.

"We're perfectly OK with the people that we have," he said. "The atmosphere today in Maranello is very good. We have the right people with Mattia and the people who are working with Mattia.

"They just need to continue to keep up this kind of atmosphere, to look forward to next year, keeping an eye on this year also and eventually to work in peace. That means, without pressure. It's exactly what they are doing and I have nothing to add. So we don't need to add anyone."

Asked whether Ferrari needed to make further changes to its team under Binotto, Arrivabene added: "I said many, many times that we are perfectly fine.

"Mattia is doing a good job, we are OK as we are, and we don't need anyone else. Mattia is our technical director where before James was our technical director, now it's Mattia with all the organisation that is in place.

"We have explained about the organisation many, many times. What more do I need to add?"