Verstappen: Too early to say Red Bull can win in Singapore

Gasperotti/Sutton Images

Max Verstappen thinks it is too early to say Red Bull can win the Singapore Grand Prix until seeing how it performs during Friday practice.

Red Bull appears to be the most favoured team coming to Singapore, a track it has excelled at in recent years regardless of its form across the season. By contrast, Mercedes suffered a big loss of form at last year's race, while Ferrari's performances this season highlight the fact it has lost ground in the development battle with Red Bull.

However, Verstappen is refusing to get carried away with expectations ahead of the weekend.

"I think we know more tomorrow," Verstappen said when asked how Red Bull would fare. "At the moment yes we have good hopes that we can be very competitive, but how well I don't know yet. But hopefully we are very competitive like for example in Monaco.

"We are all very motivated, but we are always motivated. Even in Monza when we knew that we don't have a chance to win, we still want to get the best possible result."

The expectations around Red Bull in Singapore are supported by its pace in Monaco, where it was on a par with Mercedes and Verstappen's teammate Daniel Ricciardo claimed pole. However Verstappen is refusing to pay attention to the hype coming into the weekend.

"We just focus on our own thing. People can write what they want. We have a good chance. I think if you look compared to last year the car definitely improved on our side... wait and see. It is difficult for me to say we will be the number one team because I haven't driven. We will know how good we are tomorrow."

When told Ricciardo has suggested a win was possible in his TV interviews, Verstappen replied: "Hopefully a one-two then! It is a positive feeling in the team, we try to do the best possible result and try to improve the car every session together, which is most important."