Toto Wolff: Tyres key to Mercedes' massive Monza advantage

Mark Thompson/Getty Images

MONZA, Italy -- Toto Wolff says Mercedes' big advantage in Italy is down to how the car is operating with its tyres.

Mercedes looked vulnerable during the Belgian Grand Prix weekend but has been in a world of its own at Monza, with Lewis Hamilton qualifying 0.8s ahead of Sebastian Vettel in third. Wolff believes the team found the perfect set-up on Friday and has grown stronger over the weekend as a result.

Explaining the huge advantage, Wolff explained: "We got it really right from the get-go on Friday. We put the car on track and we were good. We had some odd performances, we were quicker on the soft than the super-soft on Friday which we didn't understand.

"But we are just able to generate the tyres and activate the tyres in the right way. If you hit that window you are very fast and we've been able to do that, which we haven't done in Spa or Hockenheim or Hungary the same way.

"Then you look at Red Bull's performance and they seem to not be hitting it. I am careful about making predictions, why is it eight tenths when it was three tenths last year. I think it oscillates quite a bit this year and I think it is down to interaction with the tyre."

Hamilton's pole position was dominant, beating teammate Nico Rosberg by 0.5s. Wolff said the only explanation for the huge gap between his drivers is that Hamilton had found his groove whereas Rosberg had not.

"I haven't got a scienfitic explanation. Lewis got it very right and feels good in the car. Nico didn't give me the impression he was really in the right spot with the way the car felt... It didn't feel 100 percent right to him. When I hear the voice it just wasn't right."