Mercedes 'regrets' Lewis Hamilton's Charlie Whiting approach

Charles Coates/Getty Images

Mercedes' technical chief Paddy Lowe says Lewis Hamilton's decision to seek clarity on Nico Rosberg's Hungary pole lap from the FIA and not his own team was "regrettable".

Rosberg pipped his Mercedes teammate to pole in Budapest despite going purple through a middle sector at a time when there were double-waved yellows in effect. Hamilton and other drivers, including Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo, had been ahead of Rosberg on the road and had slowed dramatically in accordance with the cautions.

Afterwards, Hamilton went to FIA race director Charlie Whiting to seek clarification of what is and is not allowed under yellow flags, which was then followed by the stewards investigating Rosberg's lap. Lowe does not think Hamilton's approach had any influence on the stewards deciding to look into the lap but wishes the world champion had simply asked for advice from the Mercedes team.

"It's my understanding that Lewis did go and see Charlie, but it wasn't in any way to seek a review of Nico's lap," Lowe said. "It was for his own understanding of what should be done in the future, how that should work for him in the future.

"I think that was regrettable, personally, he should have kept to advice from the team and we can obtain that from Charlie as necessary. But I don't think there was any harm done, it was just a misjudgement from that point of view."

Following the double yellow controversy in Hungary, Whiting has enforced new rules for this weekend's German Grand Prix. A double yellow situation will instead be replaced by a red flag, something Hamilton does not believe is necessary.