Bernie Ecclestone: Drivers worried about Baku circuit safety can 'go home'

Dan Istitene/Getty Images

F1 CEO Bernie Ecclestone has told drivers who are concerned about the safety of the Baku street circuit to stop complaining or go home.

Drivers have raised concerns about a lack of run off at some of Baku's corners and have also questioned the logic of the layout of the pit lane entrance. On top of that, the FIA had to be modify some of the kerbs overnight after cuts were found in 90 percent of the left rear tyres during Friday's first practice session.

But Ecclestone has little sympathy for the drivers and has told them to get on with the racing.

"If they don't want to drive they don't have to," Ecclestone said. "It's up to them. This is the circuit, if they don't like it then they can go home."

The entry to the pit lane has been slightly modified overnight to offer a greater distinction between the pit lane and the pit straight, but there are also concerns that the chicane before the speed limiter will tempt drivers to attack the entry too hard during the race.

"This is the circuit, which, as I said is a ballsy circuit, and that's it," Ecclestone added. "One of them -- I think Nico Rosberg -- was complaining about the speed into the pitlane. So I said go and have a look and see if he's got brakes on the car. Because it's up to them to decide what speeds."