Nico Rosberg not thinking about Lewis Hamilton threat in Monaco

Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Nico Rosberg says he will go all-out to win the Monaco Grand Prix and will not be content with just beating Lewis Hamilton in order to strengthen his championship lead.

Rosberg will start second on the grid, behind Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo on pole and ahead of team-mate Hamilton in third. It is notoriously difficult to overtake at Monaco, but Rosberg says he will not just play the percentages in order to finish ahead of Hamilton and extend his lead in the standings.

"No, I look forward," Rosberg said on Saturday evening. "I want to win the race tomorrow and that's what I'm here for. That's why I was a bit disappointed with today, because I was hoping for pole.

"The focus is just on winning the race and I don't want to think beyond that at all in anyway because that's what I want to achieve tomorrow."

Both Rosberg and Hamilton suffered a fuel pump issue ahead of the final session of qualifying, although Rosberg's bid for pole was not as badly affected as his team-mate's. The team is confident the issue will not re-emerge in the race and Rosberg said there was no point in him worrying about a potential DNF.

"No, not at all. It's not within my control, so I just focus on my job and the things that I can influence, which is just doing the best job I can out there. That's it and I also trust the team a lot to sort these things out quickly. Of course it's clear that it is not ideal and it's a priority at the moment because we are having too many issues."