Angry Sebastian Vettel accuses Daniil Kvyat of driving 'like a crazy'

Andre/Sutton Images

Sebastian Vettel angrily accused Daniil Kvyat of driving "like a crazy" immediately after the Chinese Grand Prix.

At the start, Kvyat opportunistically flew down the inside of the tight right-hand corner to move into third position. On the outside, Sebastian Vettel got stuck between Kvyat and teammate Kimi Raikkonen and ended up clattering into the other Ferrari car.

The incident compromised Raikkonen's race when Ferrari had looked to be in a promising position to potentially challenge polesitter and eventual winner Nico Rosberg. Vettel and Kvyat recovered from the incident to finish second and third behind the championship leader.

On several occasions during the race Vettel, who apologised for hitting Raikkonen on the radio after the chequered flag, complained about Kvyat's driving and called him a "madman". The two men had a fraught exchange while waiting for the podium ceremony podium, which went as follows.

Kvyat: "What happened at the start?"

Vettel: [shouting]"You, asking what happened at the start!? If I don't go to the left you crash into us and we all three go into us."

Kvyat: "Well..."

Vettel: "No 'well', you came like a torpedo."

Kvyat: [Laughing] "I was racing."

Vettel: "Yeah racing, but if I keep going the same line, we crash."

Kvyat: "Well, don't keep going..."

Vettel: "Well there was a car on the left also, that's why I hit the other car."

Kvyat: "Oh yeah I can see all the three cars, man, come on! I have only two eyes, two cars."

Vettel: "We crash if you do that."

Kvyat: "Well we didn't."

Vettel: "No, you didn't! I know it's racing but if you attack like a crazy you damage the car ... You were lucky this time. I was damaged, there was damage to Kimi."

Kvyat: "I am on the podium, so it's OK, you are on the podium."

The stewards clearly felt Kvyat was not to blame for the incident, with the Red Bull driver not coming under investigation for his driving at the start. The discussion continued on the podium.

Vettel said: "Obviously it is difficult to judge how it looks from his point of view. My start was not so great, so I was a bit on the backfoot into Turn 1. Then I think Kimi locked-up and went a bit wide. I wanted to go on the inside to overtake him and I think Danii was trying to do the same thing with me.

"But then Kimi came back and I was in the middle. Danii was coming with a lot of speed into that gap and I was very surprised. I had to steer left and at the same time Kimi was coming across and there was no way and we made contact. It is a shame because we don't want the same cars, the same colour, touching each other.

"In the end we were lucky because I could continue and he could continue, but surely not the best result for the team. I am very sorry for that."

Kvyat agreed the move was risky but saw no problem with making a move.

"Well yeah I mean vice versa to Seb, I had a really good start. You see the gap, you go for it up the inside, you see one car, usually it's hard to see both cars. Yeah it was a risky move I agree with Seb but this kind of moves can bring you the podium. I'm on the podium -- he's on the podium so it's fine and I will keep on risking like this and everyone should expect that."