Felipe Massa: F1 drivers can be a force for good

Gasperotti/Sutton Images

Felipe Massa thinks F1's drivers can push for a better show if they maintain a united front after their highly-publicised group meal together on Wednesday.

F1's drivers got together for a rare group meal in Shanghai on the eve of this weekend's grand prix, something which created a stir on social media. Nico Rosberg posted a picture with a cheeky reference to F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone, who thinks drivers should keep quiet about rule changes and recently labelled them all "windbags".

Ecclestone's criticism came after the Grand Prix Drivers' Association published a letter last month questioning the current governance and decision-making structure of F1. Massa says the motivation behind the dinner was to create some positivity between the drivers and hopes the group can start to build some influence in the paddock.

"I think it was a very nice dinner that we had yesterday, so we need to try to do other dinners like that," Massa said. "We need to try to be very close between the drivers and I think maybe even we can change a bit of the mentality. It is really negative in Formula One, nobody sees each other in the paddock, everybody is stuck inside a room or a meeting and everything, so we race together but not just on the track you know, so I think that was really nice.

"We had a lot of fun yesterday, and I think you also see things that maybe you don't know because you don't know the other drivers, so maybe you are talking you have fun, you really have a different feeling to people that maybe you don't know. I think that is really nice so I think we need to repeat this more and we need to be united because we have a lot of power, and drivers together, united, we can push for the better of the show, the better of the sport and we can help."

Massa says F1 drivers are always going to have the sport's best interests at heart because they all dreamt of reaching the very top when starting their motor racing careers.

"We want to be here to drive Formula One and to be really positive about Formula One, I mean it was always our dream, the dream for all the drivers who were there together yesterday, it was the dream for everybody to be in Formula One and it is still the dream. We need to talk good about Formula One, we need to try and help Formula One and I think we can definitely do a lot to help and I think maybe Formula One needs some help."