Sebastian Vettel hopes for another rocket start in Bahrain

Gasperotti/Sutton Images

Sebastian Vettel is eyeing a repeat of his Melbourne start after settling for third on the grid for the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Vettel topped FP3 but the setting of the sun shifted the advantage back to Mercedes in the floodlit evening qualifying session, and the German ended up half a second off Lewis Hamilton's record pole lap. The front two rows are an exact replica of Australia, where Ferrari leapfrogged Mercedes into first and second at the start, and Vettel is hoping for more of the same on Sunday evening.

"Clearly if we will do the same thing at the start as we did two weeks ago, I wouldn't mind, so yeah we will see," Vettel said. "It's a long race and a lot of things can happen here. Last year we saw an interesting race so let's see what happens tomorrow night."

Asked where Mercedes found its advantage after being off the pace in FP3, Vettel replied: ""I don't know, you should ask them! I was very happy with the first attempt and yeah my second attempt was more or less copy paste. I thought there was a little bit, there was, but five hundredths is probably not enough if they improved by half a second.

"I think very happy today, I'm very happy with the car, the car felt fantastic throughout qualifying, it just kept getting better which I think is natural as the circuit gets quicker but yeah, there isn't one place or anything wrong on the track where the track doesn't feel right, it feels good