Ferrari title would be greatest achievement - Jock Clear

Schneider/Sutton Images

Jock Clear says winning the title with Ferrari would be at a "new level" compared to anything else he has achieved in Formula One.

Senior performance engineer Clear started work at Ferrari this year after spending 2015 on gardening leave following his switch from Mercedes to Maranello. This year Ferrari is hoping to end a championship drought stretching back to 2008, with its last drivers' championship coming a year earlier with Kimi Raikkonen.

Clear has tasted championship success before, first as Jacques Villeneuve's race engineer when he won the title for Williams in 1997. He was then at Brawn for its remarkable championship year in 2009, staying at the team as it became Mercedes and helping Lewis Hamilton to the crown in 2014.

However, Clear says all of that would pale in comparison to winning the title for Formula One's most iconic team.

"It is great to be wearing red," Clear said. "When you get into motorsport there is one name which is synonymous with motor sport at the highest level and that is Ferrari. We have huge respect for all our opposition up and down the pit lane and I have worked with many of the guys out there over the year.

"But as a young kid you dream about working for Ferrari and now I am, so it is a dream come true. The welcome has been fantastic in Maranello. The team is going in the right direction and I am just hugely honoured to be part of this team. It is great."

When asked if he knew why Ferrari had failed to win a title for so long, Clear replied: "It is an inevitable question and it is always very difficult. If you look at any sport. If you were as good as you were 10 years ago, you won't be anywhere near good enough now. So the championship I am going to win with Ferrari is going to be at a new level. It is going to be better than we ever were when we won championships with other teams. That is the same for all of us."