'Luckiest man alive' Fernando Alonso plans recovery rest period

'Alonso survival a tribute to F1's crash structures' (1:26)

Jonathan Legard says that Fernando Alonso's crash will mean that the cockpit protection measure from 2017 will be in full focus. (1:26)

Fernando Alonso will have plenty of time to reflect on his horrifying Australian Grand Prix crash this week.

The Spaniard walked away unscathed from a terrifying crash at Albert Park on Sunday, his McLaren pitched into a violent barrel roll after he hit the back of Haas' Esteban Guitierrez. After the crash Alonso told the media he was "lucky" to still be alive and praised the safety of modern F1 cars.

On Monday Alonso posted a picture of himself reading the local Herald Sun newspaper, which had a double-page spread picture of his crash and the headline: "Luckiest Man Alive". In the caption Alonso said "I guess...It's me", adding that he plans to take a couple of days rest to fully recover before the Bahrain Grand Prix on April 3.

Alonso has said similar about the 2012 Belgian Grand Prix, where he once again walked away unscathed when Romain Grosjean's car hit his Ferrari and bounced over it -- narrowly missing the Spaniard's head in the process.