Winless 2015 campaign made me stronger, says Daniel Ricciardo

Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Daniel Ricciardo thinks the lessons learned in 2015 will only serve to make him a stronger driver this season.

After a breakthrough 2014 season which garnered three victories Ricciardo only visited the podium twice last year as Red Bull struggled with Renault power. The team will race with Renault engines branded as TAG Heuer in 2016, meaning there is still a question-mark around its competitiveness.

Despite that uncertainty Ricciardo thinks the way he performed in difficult circumstances last year have made him a more complete driver.

"There has been time when it definitely has been tough," Ricciardo said about 2015. "I don't think the results always reflected maybe how good a race was for us. I still feel we had a lot more better races than not good ones. Obviously the ones that didn't work for us -- Canada and that -- that was painful, that was a tough one to swallow.

"But generally I'm still happy with how I performed and definitely learned a lot so next year I'll be ... very strong! Spraying more champagne!"

Though he finished behind team-mate Daniil Kvyat in the drivers' championship, Ricciardo finished 2015 strongly as Red Bull started to recover from its slow start to the season. Ricciardo thinks Red Bull deserves praise for the way it finished the season and is confident the only way is up in 2016.

"I got sixth in Melbourne but it was not representative, the sixth place [in Abu Dhabi] a lot better for us. So I'm really happy how the team improved and turned the situation around. The car really felt a lot better than it was at the start of the year.

"There was a lot of frustration and negatives around the start of the year and I felt the team could either have gone down with those negatives or pulled themselves out of it and they definitely pulled out of it very well. I think it has made us a lot stronger as a unit so I'm happy moving forward with these guys that we can be better."