Mercedes takes constructors' title after Kimi Raikkonen hit with penalty

Mercedes has been crowned the 2015 constructors' champion after a penalty for Kimi Raikkonen saw the Finn demoted to eighth at the Russian Grand Prix and Ferrari fall out of contention for the title.

Although Mercedes has been locked on for its second world title for some time, the Raikkonen penalty was enough to make it mathematically impossible for Ferrari to remain in the fight. Mercedes sealed its first constructors' title in Russia last year, but the addition of the Mexican Grand Prix to the calendar means it has done it a race earlier this season.

Raikkonen was given a 30-second post-race penalty -- the equivalent of an in-race stop-and-go penalty -- for his collision with Valtteri Bottas on the final lap. The two Finns were fighting for third place when Raikkonen made a lunge up the inside of Turn 4 and collided with the side of the Williams. The impact put Bottas out of the race on the spot and damaged Raikkonen's front wing, although the Ferrari was able to make it to the finish line in fifth place with a shower of sparks coming from the rear, which turned into eighth with the penalty. Raikkonen was also issued with three penalty points on his super-licence for the collision.

"I tried to overtake, I went to the inside and he never realised I was there," Raikkonen said after the race. "At the point I knew that he was turning I tried to go more inside, brake harder and try to avoid him, but I was next to him already."

Raikkonen's demotion means Mercedes is172 points ahead of Ferrari with a potential 172 remaining on offer and crucially has won 13 of this year's 19 races, meaning it would be champion based on races won even if Ferrari pulled level.