Italian Grand Prix strategy briefing

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Ferrari have a great chance at the Italian Grand Prix with second and third in qualifying and Mercedes showing vulnerability. Nico Rosberg had to switch power units and the Ferraris were closer to Lewis Hamilton than expected. It will be interesting to see whether Mercedes decide to attack with Hamilton or to exercise caution. It looks like a one stop strategy for most runners, unless temperatures really soar.

Strategy insights

Monza is the fastest track on the calendar, the shortest race at around 80 minutes and a unique track with ultra low-downforce for the long straights. Teams like to try to do this race in one stop, but Pirelli has selected soft and medium tyres this year to open up more strategic possibilities and increase variation. The new start rules will have a big impact here as it is a long run to Turn 1, so any loss on getaway will be magnified as cars get swallowed up in the dash to Turn 1.