Maurizio Arrivabene always knew Ferrari would fulfil two-win target

Andrej Isakovic/AFP/Getty Images

Ferrari boss Maurizio Arrivabene denies he was feeling under pressure ahead of his team's second win of the season in Hungary on Sunday.

Arrivabene took charge of the Ferrari F1 team at the end of last year and ahead of this season set a target of two victories over the course of the year. Ferrari achieved that target at the Hungarian Grand Prix, but in the three races before the car was struggling for pace compared to rivals Williams.

But Arrivabene denies he was feeling the pressure and said the ebb and flow of performance from race to race is normal in F1.

"If you think I was under pressure, you don't know me," Arrivabene said. "You see these shoulders here, they are very large.

"I don't feel a lot of pressure because I said since the beginning that our objective was to win two races, with three wins it would be paradise and four blah, blah, blah ... the usual story ... but will I get naked? No.

"Of course Mercedes are strong everywhere, but as I said to all your media colleagues two races ago, we are expecting to have good races and bad races over the course of this season. That doesn't mean we are stepping back, because you have to consider that sometimes the others are going up. So you have to catch again and then we need to do our job."

Questions were raised in the Italian press of technical director James Allison, but Arrivabene believes his second in command has made the right decisions.

"In general, I have to say, the direction we took is good and we have nine races to go. During these nine races, you will hopefully see races like this one but also others like Silverstone or Spain.

"Sometimes, when you are talking in a very straightforward and honest way, they say that it can't be true. But for people who know the Formula One, they know it is more or less like this. Even the best team, the team that is at the top, sometimes they have a fail and then they go up again, but it doesn't mean they are stepping back."