'No guarantees' on Stoffel Vandoorne's F1 future

Andrew Hone/Getty Images

A GP2 championship victory will not guarantee McLaren reserve driver Stoffel Vandoorne a place in Formula One next year.

Vandoorne currently leads the GP2 championship by 65 points after winning four of the first five feature races this season and upped his F1 experience last month with a test day for McLaren. However, the last three GP2 champions have not progressed into Formula One and Vandoorne admits he may also face a year on the sidelines if things do not fall into place.

"It's always been a very competitive sport, everybody knows that," he said. "There have always been drivers that have done well and haven't got to Formula One. We know it's still similar at the moment, and even if I win the championship there is no guarantee that I will be in Formula One next year. I'm certainly trying my best and pushing really hard for it and really hope to be there next year."

Vandoorne has been in regular contact with McLaren's management, but has not been given an indication on where he stands in the hierarchy of the team's contracted drivers, which include Jenson Button, Fernando Alonso and Kevin Magnussen.

"I do have regular talks with Ron [Dennis] and Eric [Boullier] and they made it clear to me that winning GP2 is my main focus this season, I'm really aware of that. Of course I want to be in Formula One next year, it's what I've been working for since I was a kid, but GP2 is the main focus at the moment. I have a contract with McLaren and I'm fully focused on doing the job and what I'm asked to do."