Sebastian Vettel involved lawyers over 'Multi 21', says Mark Webber

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Mark Webber says Sebastian Vettel involved a team of lawyers to escape punishment after the notorious 'Multi 21' incident during the 2013 Malaysian Grand Prix.

In Sepang that year Vettel ignored a Red Bull team order not to overtake Webber, who said after the race he had turned down the engine in the belief he was going to be unchallenged in the closing stages. The pair had endured a rocky relationship up until that time and the partnership soured further following Vettel's win.

The German was not punished by Red Bull for the incident and Webber has revealed why in his new book Aussie Grit, which has gone on sale in Australia.

Webber writes: "When Ann [Neal, Webber's partner] later pressed [Red Bull boss Christian Horner] about why the team had never reprimanded Seb or issued any punishment for the 'Multi 21' incident, he admitted that the team had received a two-page letter from Seb's lawyer a few days after the Malaysian race stating that they were in breach of his contract by giving him an 'unreasonable instruction/team order'.

"Whatever [Vettel's] thinking was, when he overtook me I wasn't so much angry as very sad that the team had reached this sorry state."

Webber also uses the book to accuse Vettel of arrogance, something he thinks explains the German's attitude towards him during their time as team-mates.

"It seemed the thought of me simply being quicker was not one he could entertain! There always had to be another reason why. Over time, I realised his meltdowns came when he thought he had done enough when in reality he hadn't.

"To my way of thinking, if you get done fair and square on the day you should take it on the chin, but Seb's arrogance meant he simply couldn't comprehend how it had gone wrong and would take it out on the team or rather want the team to do something about it."