Fernando Alonso: Lucky I didn't hit Kimi Raikkonen in the head in Austria crash

Patrik Lundin/Sutton Images

Fernando Alonso was relieved to see Kimi Raikkonen walk away from their "strange incident" unharmed after the pair collided on lap one in Austria.

Raikkonen appeared to lose control of the rear of his Ferrari coming out of Turn 2, swerving into the path of Alonso's McLaren. Contact pitched both cars into the barrier and Alonso's car eventually ended up on top of Raikkonen's Ferrari, which was wedged dangerously underneath.

Raikkonen took his hands off the wheel as Alonso's sidepod came across the front of his car, but fortunately there was no contact made with his head as the cars came to a standstill. Alonso, who was on the receiving end of a similar close shave with Romain Grosjean at the 2012 Belgian Grand Prix, was glad to see his former Ferrari team-mate unhurt.

"I started very well today and made up a lot places in to Turn 1 and Turn 2," Alonso said. "I was 14th or something at that point and then Kimi was on the prime tyre so he exited Turn 2 with a lot of wheelspin so the car was moving and we were all overtaking him left and right, and at one point he lost the car to the left and I was on the left.

"We both went in to the wall and I was lucky not to hit him on the head because looking at the replay I was obviously braking but my wheels were in the air. So I was close to him but luckily we are both fine, but it was strange. I was in the wrong place, it was a very strange incident because he lost the car in fifth gear or something like that. It's strange, very low grip."

Alonso and Raikkonen both had a precautionary trip to the medical centre as the impact was measured at 34G.

"I'm OK. I went to the medical centre because it's a mandatory check after certain Gs. Me and Kimi are both OK and that's the important thing."