Romain Grosjean takes the blame and two penalty points for clash with Will Stevens

Mirko Stange/Sutton Images

Romain Grosjean received two penalty points for his collision with Will Stevens at the Canadian Grand Prix after admitting he was at fault.

Grosjean clipped the Manor as he lapped it heading into the final chicane, causing a puncture on the Lotus and front wing damage for Stevens. The stewards gave Grosjean a five-second penalty as well as two penalty points on his superlicence.

"It can be difficult with traffic here and I was held up a few times even when there were blue flags," he said "I thought I was past the Manor, but it was soon clear that I wasn't. It was my fault entirely and I apologise for it. You never stop learning as a driver."

Stevens said he did everything he was supposed to do as Grosjean cut across him and caused the contact.

"We are told to stay on line and, the guy coming past, it's their job to get by cleanly. I had let a load of cars past in that position because it is the best place to do it. I was completely on the white line on the left and he tried to come across on the racing line when I was there. There was absolutely nowhere I could go. I don't know what more I could have done and the fact he got a penalty proves there was nothing I could do.

"Once they go in front of you and we lose all our downforce, then we lock fronts and we are close to hitting them. It is a situation that we felt would be a problem in the last few races and it needs to be talked about because it will keep happening, what happened today."