Monaco showed RB11 chassis is not flawed - Christian Horner

Luca Martini/Sutton Images

Christian Horner thinks fourth and fifth at the Monaco Grand Prix showed some of the potential of Red Bull's RB11.

Daniil Kvyat and Daniel Ricciardo recorded the team's best result of the season at Monte Carlo, a circuit which placed less emphasis on its uncompetitive Renault power unit. Renault has argued some of this season's failings lie on the chassis side, something even Ricciardo admitted could be the case after a disappointing qualifying in Spain, but Horner thinks Monaco demonstrated the strength of Red Bull's aerodynamic package.

Asked if Monaco showed Red Bull had made progress on the chassis side, Horner replied: "Not really. I think there's never been anything fundamentally wrong with the chassis. Of course we're always looking to improve. We've come here, we've managed to run maximum downforce, not compromise the downforce, and we've seen some of the chassis' potential.

"[Monaco] is the least power sensitive of all the tracks on the calendar and I think we managed to optimise what we've got; Renault did a good job of getting the best out of their current package and I think we got the best out of the chassis and drivers. Fourth and fifth with two Mercedes and a Ferrari ahead - we beat a Ferrari fair and square- is as good as we could have hoped for."

It was the first weekend which saw Red Bull suffer no engine issues of any kind, something Horner welcomed ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix.

When asked whether the clean Monaco result was important given the possibility of engine penalties at the next race in Canda, Horner replied: "Yep, but then again we went there last year and won the race! I think Canada is a much bigger challenge for us than here. We managed to score a good amount of points. It's 22 points we managed to take out of Williams so a positive result, it's the maximum we could have expected and Montreal is going to be a much different challenge.

"I think the fact we got through without any engine issues at all is a step in the right direction. We've now got to evaluate what happens in Montreal, whether we take a penalty there or not, it really depends on the state of these engines after this race - it's not hard on the engines round here and I think it's something we'll have to evaluate this week."