RB11 the last true Adrian Newey-inspired Red Bull

Dan Istitene/Getty Images

Red Bull's 2016 car will be the first to be designed without significant input from Adrian Newey.

Newey announced a step back from the F1 team last year and has already shifted his focus to new projects. However, Red Bull insists this year's RB11 is still very much a Newey car and the RB12 will be the first to be developed without his leadership.

"He has taken a step back but he is involved in the RB11 as in every previous car," Red Bull boss Christian Horner told Formula One's official website. "The difference will come from RB12 onwards. Yes, he is not that close any more - but he was in Bahrain. He is still mentoring and guiding the technical team."

Despite Newey's involvement in the car Red Bull has made its worse start to the season since 2008, but Horner says the full potential of the RB11 has yet to be unleashed.

"For sure we need to improve the car. But we have compromised the set-up a lot to address other issues that we have. So you end up in a vicious circle - less downforce, etc. - which creates other problems. We are not in an optimal position with the RB11 yet - but it is definitely an Adrian car..."

Horner admits there are no short-term fixes for Red Bull.

"The only answer right now: terrible start - great finish! But to be realistic: our problems are not short term so there will not be any short-term fixes. We have to take a bit of a pain at the moment. And if that is the foundation for a better future then you've got to take the pain."