Kimi Raikkonen contract extension depends on performance


Maurizio Arrivabene has told Kimi Raikkonen he must perform if he is to stay at Ferrari next year.

Raikkonen is in the second season of a two year deal, but has a contract option to remain at Maranello for a third year in 2016. On Thursday Raikkonen said it was up to Ferrari to decide if it wants to keep him only for Arrivabene to respond on Friday saying Raikkonen must prove he is worthy of the drive.

"You want to know what I said to Kimi?" Arrivabene said. "He was telling me about the contract and I said to him, it depends on your performance. And Kimi, he's the kind of person that he appreciates when you're talking with him in a very transparent way and straight to his face.

"Kimi knows, now it's early to talk about this at the moment. I'm happy about the performance of Kimi but he needs to push and he knows that."

Meanwhile, Arrivabene is very happy with Sebastian Vettel in the other Ferrari.

"It's the enthusiasm and the passion, like all the other guys. A driver that is so committed to Ferrari is making our job easy, I have to say. And on top, he's said many, many times that since he was a kid, he was dreaming about Ferrari and he always liked it.

"Of course, last year it was impossible for him to say so, but now he's liberated and he's telling the truth. And then, as a driver, it's very, very strong, very precise. Many, many journalists, they were asking about him and Michael.

"I said the things they have in common is the culture but then they are two different drivers with two different characters. But somehow, when you recognise that, there is something in common. I think this is based... this is a cultural base. It has nothing to do with the personality of the two."