Red Bull investigates Kvyat's brakes after FP2 failure

Sutton Images

Red Bull is investigating Daniil Kvyat's brakes after the Russian finished FP2 parked in the barriers at Turn 14 with flames spitting from his left rear tyre.

After the team's woes in Malaysia Red Bull ditched its troublesome Hitco brakes in favour of the Brembo specification it used in 2014. During FP2 Kvyat returned to the pits for a routine pit stop but had fire spitting from his rear wheel as he left the box. Red Bull told him to "not use the brakes too much" on his out lap as he tried to safely return to the pits but after coasting down the long back straight he was unable to stop and eventually came to a halt against the tyre wall.

"We are investigating right now because it is early [to say], but I felt like I couldn't really stop the car so it wasn't feeling very nice," Kvyat said. "We have to really understand why it happened but something was a bit wrong there in the brake system but we need to investigate exactly why, I don't want to make any early conclusions.

Red Bull boss Christian Horner said there was no blame attached to the driver and defended the decision not to tell the Russian to pull over when the problem first appeared.

"We had an issue with Kvyat's car," Horner said. "It looked like at the first corner he's got out of control and the problem from that you can see the hub is getting very hot. We told him not to use them for the rest of the lap but of course you've got to use them at the end of the hairpin. I think the line had broken, so he's lost the fluid, so it wasn't his fault at all. Thankfully it's only very minor damage.

"We asked him to bring it back very slowly. There's a sharp turn, thankfully it was all at very low speed. It would have been preferable to have the car back in one piece but it's easy to be wise with 20/20 hindsight."