Former Blizzard CEO Morhaime leaving company

Mike Morhaime leaves a legacy that transcends gaming (4:30)

Al Zeidenfeld talks with ESPN Esports reporter Jacob Wolf about what Blizzard's co-founder and former CEO Mike Morhaime has meant to the growth of esports. (4:30)

Mike Morhaime's departure from Blizzard Entertainment, the company he co-founded and led for nearly 30 years, will be complete in April, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing the company submitted earlier this week.

According to the filing submitted Monday, Morhaime will leave the company on April 7. He has served in an advisory role since stepping down as president and CEO on Oct. 3 of last year. There was no news release accompanying the filing, which read simply:

"As previously disclosed, on October 3, 2018 Michael Morhaime entered into an agreement with Activision Blizzard, Inc. (the "Company") pursuant to which he would provide strategic advice to the Company in an advisory capacity. Mr. Morhaime's employment with the Company as a strategic advisor will conclude on April 7, 2019."

Morhaime stepped aside in October to allow J. Allen Brack to take over. Brack joined Blizzard in 2005 to work on "World of Warcraft" and climbed to the top of the division, serving as executive producer and vice president for WoW at the time he took over for Morhaime.

In December, Activision Blizzard removed developers from its game "Heroes of the Storm" and shuttered some of the game's biggest tournaments. At the same time, a report from Kotaku surfaced that the company was cutting costs and shipping more games amid what some employees and fans feared was a change in the company's culture.

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