Fortnite event The Device reaches 20 million people

Over 8 million players watch Fortnite event live on stream. (1:02)

With a limited number of players allowed to watch the Fornite event in-game, fans went to Youtube and Twitch in massive numbers. (1:02)

The Device, the latest Fortnite in-game event, generated 12 million in-client viewers and 8.4 million watching on YouTube and Twitch, according to game developer Epic Games.

Epic announced the viewership Monday several hours after the event. Fortnite itself was capped at 12 million players during The Device "for stability," according to the Fortnite Twitter account, but total viewership reached more than 20 million thanks to streaming platforms.

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"We were overwhelmed by the response to The Device," Epic said in a statement. "As we push the edge of what live-events can be, we're improving systems so more of you can experience them in-game."

The 12 million player limit was reached over 30 minutes before the 2 p.m. ET start time.

In comparison, the Travis Scott: Astronomical event that took place in April saw 12.3 million users log in to Fortnite to experience the performance. It's unclear if there was a participation cap on that event as well.

Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 3 debuts in-game on Wednesday.