Every COD map from the Royal Ravens' London homestand in one sentence

Photo via Call of Duty League

One of the most highly-anticipated Call of Duty events in the new franchised league was this first London Royal Ravens homestand.

After this weekend, the second most highly-anticipated COD event still may be the next Ravens homestand given the enthusiasm of the crowd. Whether you were at the event or not, there was a lot to unpack from the league's first tournament.

The Dallas Empire recovered from their rough outing in Minnesota, the Sixth Raven almost helped lead the home team to the finals and the Chicago Huntsmen are still up top with Atlanta FaZe for the best team in the league.

To recap all the gameplay, here is every map from this past weekend in London in a sentence.


New York Subliners 3, Paris Legion 1

Hackney Yard, Hardpoint: The New York Subliners are no longer winless on hardpoint.

Rammaza, Search and Destroy: This was a dominating performance from the Subliners and much more in line with what we initially expected from this team.

Gun Runner, Domination: Paris previously said that they're a Dom team and continued to prove it by remaining undefeated in that mode.

St. Petrograd, Hardpoint: Another dominating performance from the Subliners, this time led by ZooMaa.

Dallas Empire 3, Seattle Surge 0

Gun Runner, Hardpoint: In a really close Hardpoint, iLLeY comes up big to secure the final three points for Dallas.

Gun Runner, Search and Destroy: Seattle had match point, but Dallas won four straight to take the win.

St. Petrograd, Domination: This win should be really good for Dallas to boost their momentum after last week.

Chicago Huntsmen 3, Los Angeles Guerrillas 0

Gun Runner, Hardpoint: Chicago's Hardpoint rotations are great.

St. Petrograd, Search and Destroy: Lacefield kept the Guerrillas in this, but they were eventually outclassed by the Huntsmen.

Hackney Yard, Domination: Ah, LA, you almost had this.

London Royal Ravens 3, Toronto Ultra 1

Rammaza, Hardpoint: Wuskin popped off on the Ravens' first-ever home map.

Piccadilly, Search and Destroy: The only time I like watching Piccadilly is when the Ravens are on it.

Gun Runner, Domination: Bance helped to bring the Ultra back into the series.

Azhir Cave, Hardpoint: This map is such an annoying Hardpoint map and I don't like it, no matter what our ESPN Esports video producer thinks.

Chicago Huntsmen 3, Dallas Empire 1

Gun Runner, Hardpoint: Every time Dallas looked to take the lead, the Huntsmen took it back, and in the end, pulled away by 100 points.

Piccadilly, Search and Destroy: Dallas initially looked great with their sniper setup, but individual moments from key Huntsmen players secured victory for Chicago.

Hackney Yard, Domination: When this Dallas team performs more consistently together on LAN, they're going to be really amazing.

St. Petrograd, Hardpoint: This is Envoy.

London Royal Ravens 3, New York Subliners 2

Rammaza, Hardpoint: Stronger late rotations put New York up 1-0.

St. Petrograd, Search and Destroy: New York end up 2-0 in the series after a close map that brings both teams to match point.

Hackney Yard, Domination: Dom becomes really boring to watch once one team is mathematically-determined to win.

Hackney Yard, Hardpoint: The Marshall twins take the Ravens to Map 5.

Gun Runner, Search and Destroy: It's a reverse sweep, led by Skrapz, Dylan and the Sixth Raven.


Seattle Surge 3, Los Angeles Guerrillas 2

St. Petrograd, Hardpoint: The Guerrillas get a comfortable enough lead that they can immediately control the final Hardpoint as it spawns to get their final three points.

Arklov Peak, Search and Destroy: This went to a Round 11 before the Guerrillas finally took it.

Gun Runner, Domination: Seattle control most of B and C to get back in the series.

Azhir Cave, Hardpoint: After it looked like the Surge would run away with this, the Guerrillas make it close, but lose.

St. Petrograd, Search and Destroy: The Seattle Surge win their first S&D of the year.

Paris Legion 3, Toronto Ultra 1

Gun Runner, Hardpoint: Bance continues to impress.

Rammaza, Search and Destroy: Denz is the star for Paris as they tie up the series 1-1.

Gun Runner, Domination: The Legion continue to be the best Dom team in the league.

Hackney Yard, Hardpoint: Spawn advantage too strong.

Dallas Empire 3, Seattle Surge 1

Gun Runner, Hardpoint: Dallas' stronger setups allow them to be first on the Hardpoint spawns and set up defenses to stop Seattle from breaking onto those points for long.

Arklov Peak, Search and Destroy: One of Dallas' strengths despite their losses in Minnesota were their S&D maps, and this has continued in London, even with the map loss to the Huntsmen yesterday.

St. Petrograd, Domination: This is the slaying power that Seattle is capable of. More specifically, Octane.

St. Petrograd, Hardpoint: This was a close map, but Dallas had better overall rotations and were able to favorably hold several points.

Paris Legion 3, New York Subliners 0

Rammaza, Hardpoint: The Subliners make two crucial rotational errors that eventually cost them the map.

Rammaza, Search and Destroy: A clean sweep from the Legion.

Gun Runner, Domination: New York looks to claw back in the series, but Denz comes up huge again to keep Paris' undefeated Dom streak alive.

Dallas Empire 3, London Royal Ravens 2

Rammaza, Hardpoint: The Ravens pull out in a really close Hardpoint.

Gun Runner, Search and Destroy: Rated and Jurd come up clutch on a Round 11 bomb diffusal for the Ravens.

Hackney Yard, Domination: Dallas stay in the series with strong B site control and better rotations around the map.

Hackney Yard, Hardpoint: Dallas are patient through London's offense and pull away in later Hardpoints.

Piccadilly, Search and Destroy: When I think of Piccadilly thus far this year, I think of the Ravens and Wuskin popping off in Minnesota, but the Empire completely shut them down here.

Chicago Huntsmen 3, Paris Legion 2

Hackney Yard, Hardpoint: Just when it looked like the Huntsmen were going to take this map back from the Legion, they get the final tick after rotating to the last Hardpoint first.

St. Petrograd, Search and Destroy: Arcitys takes center stage in nearly every fight.

St. Petrograd, Domination: Well, Paris were the best domination team.

Gun Runner, Hardpoint: Paris may have lost on Dom, but they unexpectedly won both Hardpoints in this series.

Arklov Peak, Search and Destroy: The Chicago Huntsmen firmly shut the door on Paris with a 6-0 Map 5.

Chicago Huntsmen 3, Dallas Empire 0

Azhir Cave, Hardpoint: This was a close map, but all I could think about is how much I dislike it as a Hardpoint map specifically.

Arklov Peak, Search and Destroy: Gunless makes one of the most insane plays we've seen in Call of Duty thus far in a Round 11 S&D match that goes the Huntsmen's way.

St. Petrograd, Domination: The Dallas Empire are on their way to delivering on the pre-season hype but aren't cohesive enough to beat the Huntsmen right now.