Red Reserve Call of Duty players told to leave team house

Red Reserve's Trei "ZerO" Morris tweeted Friday that Red Reserve's owner told the players to leave the team house in Las Vegas.

It continues a turbulent week for the embattled Call of Duty team that included multiple reports Thursday that FaZe Clan might purchase Red Reserve's spot in the CWL Pro League for $50,000. That was amid claims that the organization is months behind in paying players the prize money they are due.

"Been told by the Red owner to leave the house we are staying in, because they couldnt pay for it," ZerO tweeted. "idk how or why we are in this situation or how ive even been able to keep it under wraps, guess we'll see what the streets of las vegas are saying.

ZerO has removed all mention of Red Reserve from his Twitter profile.

"Ive stayed professional about this for around 3 months and will continue to do so, i had to get this one off my chest though, this one actually crossed the line," he tweeted early Friday morning. "Im not worried btw, im more mindblown, we'll be good, hoping roster stuff is sorted soon, need a fresh start, too many bad memories here."

Red Reserve's roster moved from the United Kingdom to Las Vegas ahead of the Black Ops 4 season, which is contested in Columbus, Ohio. However, Rhys "Rated" Price commented on ZerO's tweet that the players are owed more than $40,000 in unpaid prize money.

"Hasn't paid us salary in a couple months, owes us 40k prize money each," Rated wrote Friday. "I'm waiting for the cameras to bust in & tell us we've been framed not to mention we all have entire set ups in the house."

Replying to Rated, Red Reserve member Joe Hayter said, "Staff haven't been paid since December either, it all needs to come out to be honest."

There have been rumblings of deeper issues within the organization. The CoD team has continued to compete in the Pro League despite several staff members and esports teams leaving the organization in February. At the time, ZerO, Rated and other players were reportedly close to joining Ghost Gaming.

Red Reserve ultimately kept the CoD roster through CWL Fort Worth. However, the team earned just $15,000 of the $325,000 prize pool after finishing tied for 5th.

Benjamin "Bance" Bance, Joe "Joee" Pinnington and Matthew "Skrapz" Marshall are the other three current members of the Red Reserve CoD team.

"There is even more to this btw. Trei is just being professional and trying to sort things out," caster Alan "Bricey" Brice tweeted Friday. "It really is a disgrace, disgusting behaviour on the part of owners who have mismanaged a situation so badly."

Red Reserve is currently tied for fourth place with a 5-6 record in Division A of the Pro League, which resumes May 13.

-- Field Level Media