PraY taking break from pro League of Legends

League of Legends Champions Korea bot lane legend Kim "PraY" Jong-in said he intends to take a break from competitive League of Legends by sitting out the 2019 LCK Spring Split.

The 24-year-old Korean has won the domestic league with three different teams and announced on Twitter last month that he was "looking into a lot of different teams in many countries" after having his contract with Kingzone Dragon X terminated. While he indicated he received good offers in free agency, PraY said he wants to take a break while stopping short of saying he is retiring.

"I wanted to take some rest," he reportedly said Monday during a stream on AfreecaTV, as translated by Inven Global. "I'm willing to be unemployed. Well, as long as a team takes me while I'm sleeping. ... So, am I retiring? Well, let's see you guys in summer."

Dexerto.com also reported that PraY mentioned retirement several times during Monday's stream while also saying, "The offers have been too good, but I turned them all down. Maybe I had already closed my heart for some time by now."

PraY did add that while he hasn't played League of Legends "for weeks," he will "soon resume playing League. ... If I'm good enough, maybe I'll be finding myself a team in summer."

-- Field Level Media