KDP eyes the prize at OGN Overwatch APEX

Provided by Blizzard

EnVyUs has been eyeing the throne ever since they lost it in the second season of OGN Overwatch APEX, even bringing in fresh blood to repeat their tournament win in the first season. But the stars refused to align themselves in the semifinals with Kongdoo Panthera, and Envy left in pieces.

Map 1: Oasis (Control)
Map 2: Numbani (Assault/Escort)
Map 3: Hanamura (Assault)
Map 4: Route 66 (Escort)

Oasis set the pace for the semifinal as both teams fought tooth and nail to hold the point, but it was KDP's Kim "birdring" Ji-hyuk that ended the conflict, murdering the EnVyUs lineup to secure the first win. Hoping to get their foot back into the series on Numbani, EnVyUs almost captured point C with the payload, but were stopped right in-front of it. In retaliation, when KDP almost reached that point with over four minutes left in the timebank, it began a long stall from EnVyUs that almost won them the map, until KDP's Kang "Void" Jun-woo flung a well placed D.Va self destruct, killing two and securing Numbani for a 2-0 lead.

Despite having map choice for so many times in a row, EnVyUs weren't able to find a map where they can get an advantage on KDP and the fight was taken out of them after both Oasis and Numbani. Hanamura was upsettingly one-sided against EnVyUs. The real story of this semifinals was the difference of how Oasis played out versus how the final map, Route 66 played out. While Oasis was more evenly matched (still favored to KDP, who won), Route 66 was a systematic shutdown of EnVyUs. Despite being able to hold Kongdoo Panthera from taking point C, KDP wouldn't even let EnVyUs touch Point A.

birdring's Tracer continuously destroyed Sebastian "chipshajen" Widlund from being able to assist his team in any way. By assassinating chipshajen's Zenyatta upon every respawn, he could almost never get a single Transcendance and their exit to APEX S3 was marked by a full hold and an 0-4 in the semifinals. EnVy will attempt to reclaim some of their glory by winning the third place match against Afreeca Freecs Blue, and Kongdoo Panthera will compete against current champions, Lunatic-Hai for the championship title.