LOD on Team Dignitas - 'I suck, but the rest of my teammates are good'

Benjamin "LOD" deMunck when he was on EnVy. Provided by Riot Games

On Tuesday, Team Dignitas announced it's finalized North American Roster with the confirmed addition of Benjamin "LOD" deMunck. ESPN sat down with LOD, top laner Chan-ho "Ssumday" Kim and jungler Sang-hyun "Chaser" Lee to talk about the new squad.

ESPN: You've joined Team Dignitas after our understanding is that EnVyUs had kinda reconciled some of their problems, and you were looking at staying there. What made you want to make the move to Dignitas?

LOD: I wanted to join Dignitas because I felt it would just be a better fit for me as a player. I didn't really feel I was able to grow as much on EnVy, even though they are a good org and a good team. The players are good. It's just we didn't mesh too well. Even though maybe it could've worked out, I felt like I had a better chance at becoming a better player with DIG.

ESPN: And when did this opportunity present itself?

LOD: I guess we've kind of been talking about it for like two or three weeks, but it got more solidified a week and a half or two weeks ago.

ESPN: What do you think of the roster that Dignitas has assembled? They went from a seventh place team, and they're looking like a top team when it comes to roster composition.

LOD: Pretty happy with it. I think everyone on the team is extremely good, except for myself. I suck, but the rest of my teammates are good, and I think the coaching staff that they got together, the infrastructure, is really good as well, which is a big reason why I wanted to join.

ESPN: You're going to play here with Ssumday, who was a very well-known top laner for good reasons, and you're going to play with Chaser who's a jungler who, at his peak, looks very competitive in South Korea. What do you think these two players will bring to Team Dignitas?

LOD: They've both been playing for a really long time as well. They've been playing [in the] LCK for a really long time. Overall, the LCK is more competitive than other regions. So, I think they'll just bring a really good work ethic. This is good in general as players.

ESPN: It's our understanding is you're in Korea. How have you guys been meshing and working together since teaming up and being together?

LOD: We actually just got here [Monday], so we've been solo-queueing. We haven't gotten into scrim stuff yet. We're just hanging out, playing solo queue, being together, stuff like that.

ESPN: Ssumday, This is going to be the first time you've left Korea in your professional career. Many Korean players go to China, but you've made the move to choose to go to North America and to go to a North American team. What made you want to make this decision?

Ssumday: I needed a change for myself, and I was on KT Rolster for a very long time. I feel that I need to have a new environment, so, I decided to go overseas, to have fun, to learn about the culture of the US.

ESPN: Why did you choose Team Dignitas?

Ssumday: The two coaches and Chaser, we have given them a lot of trust on this team, and the NBA team which is supporting Team Dignitas is the reason why I chose this team.

ESPN: What do you hope to achieve by coming to North America and playing with Team Dignitas?

Ssumday: The first, for the team, are the results, good results, but there must be something there for that, which is teamwork. You need to cooperate with your teammates, and not only [within the game]. I need to get along with the teammates to get better.

ESPN: Chase, what do you hope to achieve by joining Team Dignitas and moving to North America?

Chaser: The biggest target is to go to the Championship. [League of Legends] World Championship is the main target for joining the team.

ESPN: Do you all think you can be a top team in North America and ultimately qualify for the World Championship?

LOD: I think we can, 100 percent, be a top team. We have really good infrastructure, and I think our roster is definitely capable of making it. We just have to synergize well and see how the actual season goes, but I think we have a really high chance.

Chaser: We just met [recently]. I can't assure that we'll be a top team, but there's a high chance for that. I'll try my best.

Ssumday: Right now, we'll work on our teamwork as our first priority. The players have a high potential. They are really talented in skills, so I believe the team can go to the World Championship.

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Translated answers of Chaser and Ssumday courtesy of Team Dignitas.