And the 2019 sports Razzie goes to...

051719Razzie Illustrations by Ryan Inzana

Can you pick out which one of these sports-inspired, not-gonna-win-an-Oscar movies is real? Scroll all the way to the bottom for the answer.

A. Single dad Joe Daly (John Travolta) owns six paper mills while also caring for triplets Lizzie, Katie and Abby (Millie Bobby Brown as all three). The girls are practically raised sprinting the halls of the mills-culminating in Olympic marathon berths. Available on Hallmark Channel starting May 26.

B. Wrestling icon "Top Rope" McCall (Danny Glover) has just talked son "Paul Verizer" (Damon Wayans Jr.) into hanging up his trunks ... when his granddaughter (Willow Smith) says she's skipping college to pursue wrasslin' as "Flying Elle Bow." Airs May 19 on WWE Network.

C. Brian Bosworth, Kevin Sorbo and Eric Roberts in a violent, faith-based apocalyptic tale that had to haggle with the MPAA to get its rating reduced from an R to a PG-13? Count us in! Coming to theaters soon ... but producers are still asking fans to help cover costs for the recut, less violent edit.

D. This remake of the Goldie Hawn, uh, classic finds veteran assistant AJ Jones (Tiffany Haddish) passed over for her Louisville-area school's head-coaching job. Her only option: Take an open gig at a struggling nearby small-town school best known for its 4-H program, not grid success. Debuts May 31 on Hulu.

Answer: We continue to wholeheartedly endorse John Travolta-led sports movies ... but sadly, the correct pick here is The Reliant.