E:60 - Ian Ackley haunted by Barry Bennell abuse

Ian Ackley haunted by Barry Bennell, FA abuse (6:05)

Ian Ackley sits down with E:60's Jeremy Schaap as he relives the horror of being abused by coach Barry Bennell. (6:05)

In November 2016, Andy Woodward, a former player at the highest levels of English soccer, stated on live television that he had been raped over 300 times as a child by a former youth coach and scout named Barry Bennell.

Bennell was already a familiar name to authorities in the UK: he had been arrested on sex abuse charges nearly 20 years earlier, thanks in part to the testimony of another former youth player, Ian Ackley.

E:60 sits down with Ackley to hear his personal account, and to further investigate how the institution that is supposed to be the guardian of the game and its players, the Football Association, took so long to act.