5.33pm That's all from us from the first game. Match 25 starts in Basseterre in 25 minutes! See you there.

5.29pm Time for the presentation.

Jason Holder, the losing captain: "Haven't played good enough cricket. Batters didn't come to the party. Their spinners executed their plans really well. We haven't been able to rebuild after losing early wickets. Losing wickets in the Powerplay too. It's tough to do it in these kind of pitches against a good opposition. Pollard is a big player, so at that stage we needed wickets so I was excited getting him out. We've got no choice but to win the games. Two good oppositions. it's going to be tough work, but it's not impossible"

Kieron Pollard, the winning captain: "When you win away from home, you must be happy. Lamont was fantastic. We went for a local line-up so that everyone got a chance to showcase their talent. Hemraj was great too. And we used the surface well. It would've been special if I got some runs. Holder enjoyed my wicket so good to see his aggression. I think we have the advantage where we need to go forward as a franchise, and so we can plan and see how to get better. I must commend the guys for sticking together. Even though we didn't have a chance of qualifying, the boys were out there to play for the win."

5.23pm Christopher Lamont is the Man of the Match. He says, "I'm very happy to be in the playing XI. I'm a confident person, and I'm very happy that the team has won. I think the team stick together, but we have good team spirit, and it's good we finished the tournament on a high."

5.16pm The umpires don't know what's going on.. and they finally realise it's game over! The teams shake hands and David Warner has a smile plastered on his face. Plays a match-winning knock of 42, a very reserved knock and anchored Stars' chase. They're in the tournament mathematically, but they're most probably out. Kieron Pollard has a smile on his face as well. For Tridents, they will be hoping Patriots don't win the game that begins in 45 minutes against Tallawahs. If Patriots win there, then Tridents will be out as well. Remember, it's their fifth-straight loss at home. Dang. Stick around for the presentation.

Holder to Simmons, FOUR runs, low full toss on leg stump, and drilled over Holder's head... and that runs away to the straight boundary. St Lucia Stars win by six wickets

Peter Della Penna: "Nurse did that in embarrassing fashion in Florida against the Tallawahs on a day where they dropped three chances…. and yet the curse of the Tallawahs in Florida was enough to make sure they didn't lose that day."

Holder to Simmons, SIX runs, good length on middle, and Simmons swings across the line! Top-edges it to Nurse at deep backward square.. but the ball pops out of his hands and goes over the boundary for a six! Holder can't believe it
Holder to Warner, 1 run, full outside leg stump, and he comes down the ground. Sees he can't get to the pitch of the ball, and therefore steers this to cover point with ease for a single

Eleven to win off 18 balls

17 | 3 Runs | ZOUKS: 125/4 (11 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 7.35, RRR: 3.66)

  • Lendl Simmons14 (15b)
  • David Warner41 (44b)
  • Wahab Riaz4-0-18-0
  • Imran Khan2-0-24-0
Wahab Riaz to Simmons, no run, full on middle, and Simmons defends off the front foot
Wahab Riaz to Simmons, 2 runs, full on middle stump, and he slashes a drive to deep extra cover. Enough time to come back for the second run

Vick Arjune: "Other than the horrible Umpiring and a few disappointing crowds, the CPL has been amazing. From the players Instagram, They seem to be having fun. "

Wahab Riaz to Warner, 1 leg bye, yorker on leg stump, and this time Warner is pinned! Hits his leg, but definitely going down leg stump. They scamper across for a run
Wahab Riaz to Warner, no run, yorker on off stump, but not of the pace that'll worry a batsman of Warner's caliber. Fended off the front foot
Wahab Riaz to Warner, no run, back of a length on middle, and he steers this off the back foot to point

Brian Greer: "DRS won't matter if the umpire is unable to understand what they are seeing."

Wahab Riaz to Warner, no run, full on leg stump, and driven straight back to the bowler

Fourteen more needed. Wonder if they'll go for it in one over. Meanwhile, Irfan had come to bowl, but he's just realised that he's already bowled four overs!

16 | 7 Runs | ZOUKS: 122/4 (14 runs required from 24 balls, RR: 7.62, RRR: 3.50)

  • David Warner41 (40b)
  • Lendl Simmons12 (13b)
  • Imran Khan2-0-24-0
  • Mohammad Irfan4-1-22-2
Khan to Warner, 1 run, full on leg stump, and nudged off the back foot to the vacant region near midwicket

Stars 2nd innings Partnerships

1st17ADS FletcherRRS Cornwall
2nd7RRS CornwallC Hemraj
3rd56DA WarnerC Hemraj
4th0DA WarnerKA Pollard
5th56LMP SimmonsDA Warner