Luke Ronchi is Player of the Match. "Wicket got better as the game went on, in the first innings it was jumping, but it changed with a bit of dew around. I just have a clear mind, and everything works out better. I've been working on that, will keep working on that." And with those fireworks from Ronchi to boot, it's time for me to say goodbye. Hope to see you tomorrow. Cheers.

How easy has Ronchi made this look? He took the surface completely out of the equation. This wasn't all that easy a surface to simply come out and bash the ball like he did, but in doing so, he's displayed his quality and improved batsmanship in the format. IPL talent scouts, are you watching? Guyana Amazon Warriors go top.

Tridents were a win away from lifting themselves off the bottom, but have been shellacked. They may yet move out of the bottom spot, with two games in hand as compared to Stars, but not sure that could help their qualification chances greatly. Their net run rate has taken a massive dent.

Mohammad Irfan to Delport, FOUR runs, helped over the keeper's head. Just a feather, even a leap can't get him the catch. Game set and match, the Tridents have slipped to yet another loss. Luke Ronchi, take a bow. What a knock.
Mohammad Irfan to Ronchi, 1 run, uses the pace to steer this down to square third man.
Mohammad Irfan to Ronchi, no run, brute of a delivery. Length ball that left him late to beat the outside edge. What a ripper.
Mohammad Irfan to Delport, 1 run, stands tall and steers this down to square third man.

16 | 13 Runs | GAW: 162/2 (4 runs required from 24 balls, RR: 10.12, RRR: 1.00)

  • Cameron Delport9 (4b)
  • Luke Ronchi66 (38b)
  • Chemar Holder3-0-32-0
  • Wahab Riaz3-0-26-1
CK Holder to Delport, 1 run, slower length ball on middle and off, eased wide of point
CK Holder to Delport, SIX runs, what audacity, what confidence. That's into the media center. Too full, he takes a step back into the crease and then presses forward with the swing to clear the ropes. Massive hit
CK Holder to Ronchi, 1 run, helped along to fine leg for an easy single.
CK Holder to Ronchi, 1 wide, reaches out to squeeze this behind point, misses.
CK Holder to Ronchi, 1 wide, slips this down leg, he looks to tickle fine but misses.

Amazon 2nd innings Partnerships

1st96L RonchiCAK Walton
2nd50L RonchiSO Hetmyer
3rd22L RonchiCS Delport