Player of the Match
Player of the Match

8.40pm: A comprehensive win, South Africa's eighth in a row in ODIs, which puts them 2-0 up in the five-match series. Sri Lanka won the toss and took early wickets but the 117-run stand between Faf du Plessis and David Miller set the game up. Once again the SL top order failed to put up big runs and SA's six bowlers shared the wickets around. If he had his time again, Upul Tharanga might have opted to put runs on the board and hope his spinners could defend a target on a wearing pitch... As it is, they've been handed another spanking after the morale-boosting win in the T20s. Anyway, that's your lot this evening, Fidel's report will be in shortly and we'll be back for the third ODI on Saturday. Until then, it's cheerio from Gnasher and me. Bye!

Imran Tahir to Sandakan, OUT, not for long, though! George's finger goes up immediately but Sandakan reviews this time... He went back to cut but the ball clearly brushed the pad flap first, right in front of middle and that is going to be out! Tahir finishes it off to give South Africa a 121-run victory

PADLR Sandakan lbw b Imran Tahir 0 (7m 4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Imran Tahir to Sandakan, no run, struck on the pads, done by the googly... Not given by umpire Shaun George but South Africa call for the review. Looks like he played his front pad with his bat, which meant a little gap opened up for the ball to slide through and hit the thigh. Definitely no bat involved but could be a touch leg side... Yep, bouncing high and wide of leg stump, so Sandakan survives
Imran Tahir to Lakmal, 1 run, flighted, spinning away and chopped into a gap off the back foot for a single
Imran Tahir to Lakmal, no run, tossed up and Lakmal gets on to the front foot to play a studious defensive shot
Imran Tahir to Lakmal, no run, back of a length, goes across and taps a cut towards point
Imran Tahir to Lakmal, 1 wide, pushed through down the leg side

Imran Tahir returns

37 | 3 Runs 1 Wkt | SL: 184/9 (124 runs required from 12.1 overs, RR: 4.97, RRR: 9.53)

  • Lakshan Sandakan0 (2b)
  • Suranga Lakmal1 (2b)
  • Kagiso Rabada8-0-47-1
  • Jean-Paul Duminy5-0-30-2
Rabada to Sandakan, no run, fullish outside off, moves across and pokes it away

Sri Lanka 2nd innings Partnerships

1st45WU TharangaN Dickwella
2nd7WU TharangaBKG Mendis
3rd22LD ChandimalBKG Mendis
4th1LD ChandimalDM de Silva
5th44LD ChandimalDAS Gunaratne
6th13LD ChandimalPC de Silva
7th20SS PathiranaPC de Silva
8th29KMDN KulasekaraSS Pathirana
9th3KMDN KulasekaraRAS Lakmal
10th2RAS LakmalPADLR Sandakan