7.58pm The broadcasters have skipped the post-match presentation given the short turnaround time between the first and second game. Guess it's time to say goodbye. Switch tabs to the other game that's starting in Indore. Kings XI Punjab v Rajasthan Royals. First ball starting in a minute. We'll see you there. Bye for now!

7.45pm That's seven consecutive games, and 1125 days since Knight Riders last beat Mumbai, all the way back in April 2015. Handshakes all around as the Wankhede goes crazy. They're still alive.

Vishal Pawar: "Told ya yesterday, they're our bunnies! One more to go and we are even at the third spot!"

Pranay Bhanot: "Hardik Pandya for MoM ? Crucial runs with the bat and an outstanding spell with the ball..."

KH Pandya to Karthik, 1 run, good length outside off, and bunted to long on for a single. Cheers all around! Mumbai Indians win by 13 runs!
KH Pandya to Karthik, FOUR runs, low full toss, very wide outside off. DK gets down on one knee, and carves it over point. KKR need a six, but all they get is a four

Chirag: "Its good learning by KKR that Narain can't take calculated risks for death overs, and better to open with him to have wild scoring."

KH Pandya to Karthik, no run, good length on leg stump, and DK tries to pull it. Tries to play it on one knee, but can't connect. Krunal appeals for lbw, and then asks for a review. Nah, it's going down leg

SD: "@Sameer: It's unfair to blame Uthappa alone. No one else contributed much in a chase where more than 9 is required every over. You can't expect one batsman to do it all by himself. It's a team game after all.

Long on, long off, deep midwicket, deep backward square and deep cover in place for DK as well

Adi: "Mi Gave 24 and 21 runs in their final over in their last two matches and today kkr need 23 runs,cant say anything "

Stof: "From a Protea supporter, i'll take Uthappa any day of the week"

KH Pandya to Narine, OUT, full outside off, and angling away from Narine. Tries to lift it over cover, but slices it to the man on the circle. DK has crossed to the other side though!

SP Narine c Sharma b KH Pandya 5 (4b 1x4 0x6) SR: 125.00

KKR need 19 off 5 balls.

KH Pandya to Narine, FOUR runs, full toss outside off, and that's in Narine's arc! Thumped past the non-striker to the straight boundary. Long-on just a spectator

Krunal to bowl the final over. Risky, given Narine's on strike. Mhhm. Long on, long off, deep midwicket and deep cover in place

Bumrah to Karthik, FOUR runs, dropped at deep backward square! And goes for four. Another low full toss on middle, and that's been whipped off his pads. Duminy got under it, but messes it all up. The ball pops out, takes a bounce, and then goes for four. Kolkata need 23 off the final over
Bumrah to Karthik, FOUR runs, overpitched on middle and leg, and DK gets his front leg out of the way to smash it straight! Long on had no chance. Good use of the crease's depth

Sameer: "A lot of people feel sorry that Uthappa is not in the Indian team. But this game explains why. He just is not capable of finishing them off. He had that opportunity today; and he fizzled off despite a great start."

Bumrah to Karthik, no run, low full toss on middle, and DK swings wildly. Hits his bat's inside half and goes to fine leg. Says no to the single
Bumrah to Karthik, SIX runs, waist-high full toss, and that's been drilled over deep midwicket! The umpire at square leg says it's a legal delivery. Was close. McClenaghan tried to get his fingertips to it in the deep, but the ball sails just over
HH Pandya to Karthik, FOUR runs, good length outside off, and cut hard! Just past point, and beats the sweeper cover fielder as well!

Mahbub: "If MI loose today that's for not including Fiz; the death bowler!"

Bumrah to Karthik, 4 leg byes, what did that come off?! Yorker outside leg, and it's a really quick delivery. DK can't connect, and the ball comes off his boot. Kishan dives to his left but can't get his hands to it either. Important runs for KKR to end the 17th
Bumrah to Karthik, FOUR runs, full outside off, and DK carves it over point. Bends his knee to get under the ball, and then drives over the infield

Roopang: "Bu-mra-h, Bu-mra-h, Bu-mra-h, Bu-mra-h "

Bumrah to Russell, OUT, back of a length on middle, but Russell makes a lot of room on the leg side. Pulls it towards the leg side, but Krunal takes a screamer! He's at short fine leg, but needs to race towards the square-leg boundary. Dives forward, and takes an excellent catch!

AD Russell c KH Pandya b Bumrah 9 (10b 1x4 0x6) SR: 90.00

Required run-rate: 13.5

Vaibhav: "If KKR wins this match, it would be DK. If KKR loses, it would be DK. Because of making the blunder of exchanging Narine and Gill."

Viv: "Wow. Usually the call is why Shubman Gill was not sent up the order every match and when he is sent its the opposite I guess we can leave his batting position for the team to decide. "

Markande to Russell, no run, full on middle, and no spin this time. Russell takes a big stride forward and defends it back to young Markande. Time out
Markande to Russell, FOUR runs, too wide outside off, and then spinning sharply inwards. Russell goes deep into his crease and thumps a flat-batted shot to the wide long-on boundary
McClenaghan to Karthik, no run, goes short outside leg, and DK wants to pull. He can't connect, and goes through to Kishan. What's surprising is the umpire doesn't call it a wide. Karthik is bemused

Stat: Andre Russell's strike rate this season is 201.94, and his smart strike rate is 259.91. Effectively he's scored 59.71 runs above par for KKR this season.

HH Pandya to Rana, OUT, back of a length on middle, and Rana goes for a pull. It's been sliced though, and Bumrah gets under it at deep square leg! The ball was swirling in the air, so extra marks for that effort. KKR losing wickets in a clump once again

N Rana c Bumrah b HH Pandya 31 (27b 3x4 1x6) SR: 114.81

KKR 2nd innings Partnerships

1st28CA LynnShubman Gill
2nd0RV UthappaShubman Gill
3rd84RV UthappaN Rana
4th3KD KarthikN Rana
5th16KD KarthikAD Russell
6th32KD KarthikSP Narine
7th5KD KarthikPP Chawla