Match Centre Ground time: 10:36

Scorer: Ranjith P | Commentator: Deivarayan Muthu

10.25am Andrew Fernando brings some better news from Galle: " It is still drizzling but there is some hopeful movement - the groundstaff are coming out to remove the tyres that have been weighing the covers down. Perhaps in anticipation of actually removing the covers soon."

Esher : "Well, the ground is a ground favouring spin. Not much of a use of keeping multiple pacers. Bringing Aslanaka who is also a spinner is an advantage for SL."

10.20am Hello, again, everyone. Thanks, Himanshu. The rain threatens to wipe out the first session. The entire ground is still covered. Not a bad time to revisit this piece on the fastest groundstaff in the world, by Sharda Ugra

Meanwhile, here comes Deiva for some rain chatter.

10am Our man Andrew Fidel Fernando at the Galle Stadium says it is still drizzling there, and that the forecast apparently is for it to rain till midday.

manisha: "few kilometers off galle staduim and it has stopped raining" --- Ah, we are getting there slowly...

And while we wait, why don't you catch up with Sri Lanka's wicketkeeper Dinesh Chandimal has to say while trying to review his career. He, after all, 'hopes to give it everything', especially with Niroshan Dickwella suspended.

Yugeesha: "If you are in Sri Lanka, you know that the meteorological department of Sri Lanka is a source you can trust." --- At the moment they are the only ones we may have to trust...

9.45am We haven't really heard anything new except the fact it continues to rain, and the ground remains covered.

Kanchana Rathna: "It's going to be heavily effected by rain throughout. According to my workplace that's meteorological department of srilanka." --- You seem to be the person with all solutions then...

Soham: "Obviously the toss hasn't happened so dimuth wouldn't have announced it, but has charith been given his test cap (Andrew might've seen at the stadium?)?" --- For now, all he has seen is rain, covers, clouds, etc.

Whatever be the weather and the conditions in Galle, don't forget it is a triple-Test Monday morning/afternoon/evening - or even Sunday midnight - depending on which part of the world you are in. Sri Lanka's neighbours Bangladesh start off Day 4 of their Test against Pakistan in a few minutes' time, while India host New Zealand on the final day of their own contest in Kanpur.

Yasith Ramawick: "2km away from the stadium. Drizzling and dark around here like 6 pm in the evening. Looks like called off today's play" --- Oh my, that is a terrible sign...

9.15am Despite the nature and scale of the West Indies' 187-run first-Test defeat, they would do well to put that out of their minds swiftly - better teams than them have suffered worse at this venue after all. In fact, rather than being alarmed, they should instead look at the seeds of potential that sprouted from the game and look to nurture them. Madushka Balasuriya sets up the scene in the preview.

9am Hello and welcome to ESPNcricinfo's live ball-by-ball coverage of the second Test between Sri Lanka and West Indies in Galle. Our correspondent Andrew Fidel Fernando, who is at the ground, brings us a bit of bad news: it's raining in Galle and the toss could potentially be delayed. This is Himanshu Agrawal starting things off here, with Deivarayan Muthu set to join the action soon.