Player of the Match
Player of the Match
    9.5 and he strikes in his first over, length ball, too close to cut but Carey goes for a repeat, gets an outside edge, travelling fast but Rohit takes a good catch at first slip 41/2
    2.2 bowled 'im, through the gate. This one nips back in off the length, Finch again wasn't sure about his footwork, gets half-forward, leaves the gap between the bat and the pad through which the ball sneaks in to hit the off stump. That's also the 100th ODI wicket for Bhuvi 8/1
    28.2 LBW! He's given out sweeping! Khawaja has reviewed it. It was fired in flat and straight, it did turn a touch, he tried to sweep from a length, no hot spot, no spike on RTS, he has missed it, he was hit on the knee infront of middle and off, Hawkeye has it hitting the outside of leg. Umpire's call! Khawaja is out. 133/3
    37.3 flighted on the stumps, Marsh skips down and looks to clear long-on, doesn't middle it and Shami comes forward and takes a low tumbling catch 186/4
    47.2 taken this time, Dhawan at sweeper cover makes no mistake. Length outside off, skips down and looks to loft it over extra cover, doesn't get enough power and an easy catch there 254/5
    not out
    not out
    14 (b 4, lb 2, nb 2, w 6)
    288/5 (50 Overs, RR: 5.76)
    Fall of wickets: 1-8 (Aaron Finch, 2.2 ov), 2-41 (Alex Carey, 9.5 ov), 3-133 (Usman Khawaja, 28.2 ov), 4-186 (Shaun Marsh, 37.3 ov), 5-254 (Peter Handscomb, 47.2 ov)
    B Kumar1006626.60307210
    KK Ahmed805506.87216022
    Mohammed Shami1004604.60313030
    Kuldeep Yadav1005425.40263200
    RA Jadeja1004814.80253000
    AT Rayudu201306.5062000
    45.4 caught at deep midwicket! Rohit's brave lone hand comes to an end. Slower ball banged in back of a length, he tries to heave this again over midwicket for six, miscues, gets a thick top edge, Maxwell is down at deep midwicket, he runs in and pouches the catch! 221/7
    0.6 LBW! Given out and Dhawan walks off! Behrendorff gets his first. Fuller length, it nipped back off the seam, Dhawan's head falls over, it beats the inside edge and hits him plumb on the shin in front of off! No doubt about that one. 1/1
    3.3 caught at square leg! Oh no! He's nailed this off his pads straight to Marcus Stoinis at forward square! It was 138kph, nearly a half-volley on leg stump, he pinged it off his pads but in the air, waist high, straight to Stoinis, he sucked his stomach in, it bobbled a touch but he clutched it tight! 4/2
    3.5 LBW! Rayudu has a long chat with Rohit and he decides to review. This was full and fast, it angled in and didn't swing, beat the inside edge, nothing on hot spot, hit below the knee roll. It was smashing into leg stump! OUT! Three reds light up on Hawkeye! Hitting in line, and crashing into leg. 4/3
    32.2 fuller on the stumps, Dhoni was on the back foot, looks to flick it on the leg side and misses, trapped right in front, and up goes the finger 141/4
    39.2 chopped on! Bowled! He charged, it was premeditated, Richardson dug it in shorter outside off, he tried to pull on the move, got a bottom edge and dragged it onto the stumps! 176/5
    44.1 caught at deep backward point! He bowled a quick short ball, Jadeja backs away and upper cuts, he flushes it but gets it too square, it goes all the way to Marsh on the rope, he settles and takes the catch! Four for Richardson 213/6
    not out
    48.6 caught at deep backward square! Khawaja holds one! Slower ball, shorter, he steps outside off and pulls this in the air to deep backward square, Khawaja waits again, but he clings onto this one and Siddle has a wicket! 247/8
    49.6 caught at deep midwicket! Stoinis gets one to finish! He launched this miles in the air, Maxwell, one of the best in the business runs in from deep midwicket, camps under it and takes it very calmly! 254/9
    14 (lb 7, nb 1, w 6)
    254/9 (50 Overs, RR: 5.08)
    Did not bat: KK Ahmed
    Fall of wickets: 1-1 (Shikhar Dhawan, 0.6 ov), 2-4 (Virat Kohli, 3.3 ov), 3-4 (Ambati Rayudu, 3.5 ov), 4-141 (MS Dhoni, 32.2 ov), 5-176 (Dinesh Karthik, 39.2 ov), 6-213 (Ravindra Jadeja, 44.1 ov), 7-221 (Rohit Sharma, 45.4 ov), 8-247 (Kuldeep Yadav, 48.6 ov), 9-254 (Mohammed Shami, 49.6 ov)
    JP Behrendorff1023923.90382111
    JA Richardson1022642.60390030
    PM Siddle804816.00256100
    NM Lyon1015005.00350400
    MP Stoinis1006626.60236120
    GJ Maxwell201809.0053000

Match Details


Australia , elected to bat first

Player Of The Match

Series result

Australia led the 3-match series 1-0

Match number


Hours of play (local time)

13.20 start, First Session 13.20-16.50, Interval 16.50-17.35, Second Session 17.35-21.05

Match days

12 January 2019 - day/night match (50-over match)

Reserve Umpire

Match Referee

Match Notes

India 2nd innings Partnerships

1st1S DhawanRG Sharma
2nd3RG SharmaV Kohli
3rd0AT RayuduRG Sharma
4th137MS DhoniRG Sharma
5th35KD KarthikRG Sharma
6th37RG SharmaRA Jadeja
7th8RG SharmaB Kumar
8th26B KumarKuldeep Yadav
9th7B KumarMohammed Shami