Player of the Match
Player of the Match

12.40pm Finch's fifty has made light work of this 117 chase. But, it was Stanlake who had set up this victory with 4 for 8 - the second-best T20I figures for Australia. He ran in hard, hit the pitch harder, and hustled Pakistan for pace and bounce. He has brought Pakistan's eight-match winning streak to a grinding halt. This is also Justin Langer's first win as Australia coach. Do stick around for the presentation.

Billy Stanlake, of course, is the Man of the Match: We had a disappointing tour of the UK. Great for us to get a nice start in the series. My role is to be aggressive upfront and take wickets in the Powerplay and make it hard for the opposition to get on a roll. Hopefully, we can build on this. With the early wickets, Finch kept going with me. First time I have bowled out in one go. Finch was terrific in the field and with the bat.

Sarfraz Ahmed, Pakistan captain: Toss is very important, if you lose too many wickets in first six overs, you can't survive in the match. Credit to Stanlake, he bowled with pace and bounce. Plenty to work on.

Aaron Finch, Australia captain: The tone the bowlers set with the ball on a pretty good wicket was fantastic. We've come here to win the series. We've been putting in plans, it did not come off in England. It was a pretty polished performance here. Richardson bounced back well and they just bowled aggressively and I hung onto some catches. At times, when you're chasing a small total, you try to break the game open.

Qasim: "The only thing I don't understand from this game is Hafeez opening. It's been a long time since he opened regularly. Him not being at his best at the top created the pressure to which all the rest succumbed. Other than this, this team is still number 1 to me. Don't judge the team on one bad day when they have played marvellously the past year and half and got to the top."

Yasir: "I have always said that any team that needs to gain its form back must play against Pakistan. All of a sudden you'll feel the difference. but vise versa is also true, Pakistan can crash any strong side just like CT2017."

Kabir: "It seems as the trend going in this tri series- Next match Zimbabwe are going to give a sound thrashing to Australia!!!"

That is that from this game. Hope you enjoyed the coverage as much as we did bringing it to you. This is Deivarayan Muthu signing off on the behalf of Thilak Ram.

Shadab Khan to Finch, FOUR runs, Shadab tosses a legbreak wide outside off, Finch muscles it away in the air against the turn. Asif Ali at long-on makes a mess of it and drops the catch. The ball plinks away to the boundary for four. Sums up Pakistan's day
Shadab Khan to Finch, SIX runs, tossed up outside off, right in Finch's swinging arc. He ventures outside leg and clubs a six over long-off
Shadab Khan to Head, 1 run, clipped off the hips to square leg
Shadab Khan to Finch, 1 run, wrong'un to right-hander, spins back in, squeezed away for one
Shadab Khan to Head, 1 run, floated up and spins away, this wrong'un is dabbed away to short third man for one

adeel: "@Naseer its really funny when we see comments just after one possible defeat, they made 200+ in the last match they no1 still they need to learn about how to play t20? "

10 | 15 Runs | AUS: 104/1 (13 runs required from 60 balls, RR: 10.40, RRR: 1.30)

  • Aaron Finch57 (30b)
  • Travis Head18 (16b)
  • Usman Shinwari3-0-31-0
  • Shadab Khan3-0-28-0

MURAD BAIG: "Unfortunately, Just tune in and saw this disastrous performance from this Pakistani team. I have only one small reservation. I can understand Mohammad Amir is resting against team like Zimbabwe but verses Australia you are resting him?

Usman Shinwari to Finch, 2 runs, clipped off the pads to deep square's right

Thilan: "I don't understand, one loss on the cards and it seems Pakistan fans question every single decision that has made this team number 1 in this format as of current time. A touch reactionary considering this Australia T20 side has also been a successful unit this year."

Usman Shinwari to Finch, 4 leg byes, back of a length, pitches outside leg, skids off the pitch to catch the thigh. The ball rolls away to the third-man boundary
Usman Shinwari to Finch, FOUR runs, can't bowl down the leg side when you have fine leg inside the circle. Banged down leg, helped away fine of that fielder. Easy peasy

Ashoke: "That is Pakistan. Either they are awesome good or awesome bad."

Usman Shinwari to Head, 1 run, Head shimmies out and clips a length ball from outside off to backward square leg

Swaseem: "I am not sure of Hafeez's role any more in this team. They have chosen not to bowl him at all in the last 2 games, (apart from an over when the game was already over), and he has never been a great specialist batsman. Perhaps it is time for him to be replaced?"

Usman Shinwari to Finch, 3 runs, short and angling into the body, pulled away to long leg for three. Finch celebrates his fifty

Around the stumps

Naseer: "Pakistani batsmen got the lesson they desperately needed on how to bat in T20, it has been long since they have been playing very outdated and sedate cricket, now they will understand it is all about sixes and fours in twenty cricket, it is very simple mantra if you hit boundaries you will have the luxury of taking occasional singles but if you keep on blocking and rotating strike then you become desperate to throw your wicket away."

Usman Shinwari to Head, 1 run, punched on the up to sweeper cover

Usman Khan. Over the stumps

9 | 5 Runs | AUS: 89/1 (28 runs required from 66 balls, RR: 9.88, RRR: 2.54)

  • Aaron Finch48 (26b)
  • Travis Head16 (14b)
  • Shadab Khan3-0-28-0
  • Mohammad Nawaz2-0-22-0
Shadab Khan to Finch, no run, another short legbreak, forced to the covers

Zahoor Raza: "Pakistan desperately need an Ambrose-esque spell of 7 wickets for 1 run."

Shadab Khan to Head, 1 run, uses his feet and nudges a legbreak wide of short fine leg for one more
Shadab Khan to Finch, 1 run, short and spins away outside off, lashed to sweeper again
Shadab Khan to Head, 1 run, full on middle, dropped to short cover's left for one. Nawaz doesn't gather the ball cleanly
Shadab Khan to Finch, 1 run, short, wide, cracked to sweeper cover off the back foot
Shadab Khan to Head, 1 run, tossed on middle, run away to point

8 | 7 Runs | AUS: 84/1 (33 runs required from 72 balls, RR: 10.50, RRR: 2.75)

  • Travis Head13 (11b)
  • Aaron Finch46 (23b)
  • Mohammad Nawaz2-0-22-0
  • Shadab Khan2-0-23-0
Mohammad Nawaz to Head, 1 run, back of a length on the stumps, forced down to long-on
Mohammad Nawaz to Finch, 1 run, clips an arm ball off his pads to square leg