Player of the Match
Player of the Match

Karthik s.venka: "After the promise they showed in beating pakistan in the uae and saving the kotla test against India, this can be quite frustrating for the Sri Lankan fans"

Rakesh: "With 44 overs today, WI should look to bat positively and look to score at least around 135 and strech the lead to 365 tonight and then come out roaring tomorrow morning looking at add around 120-150 runs in about 40 overs to post 475+ and leave themselves 4 3/4 clear session to bowl the Lankans out or about 170 overs. Simple win for the taking"

Nick B: "In Sri Lanka's first innings extras accounted for 28% of all runs scored."

Simon: "Short balls futile? That's harsh, and entirely out of context of the game." --- Okay, fair.

If you're wondering why Tea was taken early, here's what the law says:

1.6 Changing agreed time for tea interval

11.6.1 If an innings ends when 30 minutes or less remains before the agreed time for tea, the interval shall be taken immediately. It shall be of the agreed duration and shall be considered to include the 10 minute interval between innings.

2:18pm We're hearing West Indies won't enforce the follow on. Tea has also been taken.

2:14pm Well that's the end. West Indies walk off relaxingly. No signs yet if they want to enforce the follow-on. But what an effort from the home team. Well and truly in a position to kill this game now after a patient setting up of the game when they batted. Blew Sri Lanka out last evening, nearly let them slip away this morning, but the visitors handed them some gifts and they've made full use.

Cummins to Kumara, OUT, Dowrich runs back and holds on. Another short ball. Another attempted pull. It's a top edge that gives the keeper some 10 yards of sprinting to do. He gets under it and holds on. They've checked for no-ball and he's just managed to get his heel behind the line

CBRLS Kumara c †Dowrich b Cummins 8 (12m 9b 2x4 0x6) SR: 88.88

Cummins to Kumara, (no ball) FOUR runs, well this is futile. Bangs another in short and is humiliated by the No. 11 who does superbly to create room this time and hammer it past the non-striker with a pull. It's a no-ball too.
Cummins to Kumara, no run, bouncer slanted into his body. He backs away to try and find some room. But can't connect on his heave
Cummins to Kumara, no run, length ball outside off, pushes with hard hands to mid-off
Cummins to Kumara, 1 no ball, short ball outside off, takes it on with a pull, can't connect
Cummins to Kumara, FOUR runs, top edge over the slips. Goes short, he looks to pull, he gets it to third man. Very simple.

Cummins around the wicket

55 | (maiden) | SL: 175/9

  • Lahiru Gamage0 (10b)
  • Lahiru Kumara0 (3b)
  • Devendra Bishoo13-2-25-1
  • Miguel Cummins12-4-29-2

t20cric: "While WI bowling has been good, imagine how much of a dominant position they would be in if they hadn't conceded all those extras."

Bishoo to Gamage, no run, full on off stump, keeps it out with the full face
Bishoo to Gamage, no run, length on off stump, defended on the front foot

SS: "@Dave flashbacks of the smog-affected India - Sri Lanka test match where a certain win was averted to a well-played draw"

Bishoo to Gamage, no run, short of a length outside off, nudged to point on the up
Bishoo to Gamage, no run, slider at off stump, blocked on the front foot
Bishoo to Gamage, no run, length on off stump, pushed into the off side with the turn
Bishoo to Gamage, no run, floated up at off stump, defended into the off side

54 | 4 Runs 1 Wkt | SL: 175/9

  • Lahiru Kumara0 (3b)
  • Lahiru Gamage0 (4b)
  • Miguel Cummins12-4-29-2
  • Devendra Bishoo12-1-25-1
Cummins to Kumara, no run, short one at middle. Looks to pull, under-edges into the midwicket region
Cummins to Kumara, no run, thuds him on the elbow guard. Short one at leg stump, he fends awkwardly at it
Cummins to Kumara, no run, short ball on middle stump, defended off the back foot

Dave: "Not sure if just me but worried WI will enforce follow-on, SL score 350-400 then skittle WI out to win game on decaying pitch! Maybe better to bowl last and bat SL out the game!" --- You seem to have exclusively followed an underdog team all your life, sir.

Cummins to Lakmal, OUT, finds mid-on. Goes for another pull as the short ball comes in at his ribs. It's too quick. He gets it off the high part of the bat and lobs it for Bishoo

RAS Lakmal c Bishoo b Cummins 15 (30m 25b 1x4 1x6) SR: 60.00

Cummins to Lakmal, no run, length ball slanted in at middle stump. Clears the front leg again, nearly falls over on the back foot. Somehow manages to keep it out
Cummins to Lakmal, FOUR runs, shot! A bit of KP in that! Short of a length ball slanted into his middle stump. He gets the legs out of the way and disdainfully swats this past mid-on

Sri Lanka 4th innings Partnerships

1st21MDKJ PereraBKG Mendis
2nd28LD ChandimalBKG Mendis
2nd74AD MathewsBKG Mendis
3rd52ARS SilvaBKG Mendis
4th14PLS GamageBKG Mendis
5th6PLS GamageLD Chandimal
6th23LD ChandimalN Dickwella
7th4MDK PereraN Dickwella
8th3HMRKB HerathMDK Perera
9th1MDK PereraRAS Lakmal
10th0MDK PereraCBRLS Kumara