Player of the Match
Player of the Match

154 | (wicket maiden) | WI: 414/8

  • Miguel Cummins0 (5b)
  • Shane Dowrich125 (325b)
  • Lahiru Kumara31-4-95-4
  • Suranga Lakmal29-11-55-2

4:59pm Here they are, the two Kusals - Perera and Mendis. Only one of them is naturally suited to playing out the final session. Roach with the new ball, three slips and a gully.

Twarit: "Completely disagree that lakmal was "superb" He did not attack the stumps enough and the longer dorwich stayed out there his confidence grew." --- I mean, it wasn't because of Lakmal that Dowrich stayed in.

Chintu : "Great captaincy by holder. Great chance to roll some wickets early on and cheekily avoid kumara from getting a 5-for"

Rivlud: "I am surprised that Dowrich wasn't allowed to make a 150, would of been nice, guessing weather is going to make further interruptions in the next 3 days? This period will be key for West Indies, need to take some wickets ahead of tomorrow to apply the pressure!"

4:48pm Well, they've declared. Five balls of batting practice for Miguel Cummins before he escorts Dowrich off the ground. 125 not out for the wicketkeeper, who is going to be straight out in about ten minutes. Sri Lanka have just under an hour to bat tonight. Kumara won't finish with a five-for after all. If anyone's put in as much physical effort as Dowrich, it's him. A good innings of Test cricket for him. Lakmal was superb too. But nearly two days in the field, during which their main spinners bowled only 67 of the 154 overs is the real story of Sri Lanka's struggle. Catch you in a bit.

Kumara to Cummins, no run, outside edge falls short of second slip. Straightens in the corridor and he looks to defend with soft hands

Abhijeet : "Watching Cricket being played in Caribbean always reminds me of India losing that Jamaica ODI by 1 run in 2006, Sarwan's 98, Bravo's slower low full toss Yuvi Missing it and getting bowled for 93"

Kumara to Cummins, no run, bouncer too short, ducks under it
Kumara to Cummins, no run, length ball outside off, hangs his bat out to be beaten
Kumara to Cummins, no run, length ball outside off, left alone. Dickwella gets a knock on his fingers trying to catch this dying ball

Goes around the wicket

Kumara to Cummins, no run, good length, slanted across wide outside off , left alone

Thanks, Sreshth . His declaration has come before West Indies'. Cummins has come out to bat.

That's all from me for tonight. Shall catch you guys tomorrow once more. Here's Varun to take you till the end of the day's play. See you.

Kumara to Roach, OUT, drilled, but taken at mid off! Length ball outside off, and he smacks this hard and straight. The ball was flying, but the fielder times his jump to perfection. An excellent catch to end the partnership. Drinks as well

KAJ Roach c Chandimal b Kumara 39 (116m 95b 6x4 1x6) SR: 41.05

Sri Lanka 4th innings Partnerships

1st21MDKJ PereraBKG Mendis
2nd28LD ChandimalBKG Mendis
2nd74AD MathewsBKG Mendis
3rd52ARS SilvaBKG Mendis
4th14PLS GamageBKG Mendis
5th6PLS GamageLD Chandimal
6th23LD ChandimalN Dickwella
7th4MDK PereraN Dickwella
8th3HMRKB HerathMDK Perera
9th1MDK PereraRAS Lakmal
10th0MDK PereraCBRLS Kumara