Player of the Match
Player of the Match

50 | 9 Runs 1 Wkt | INDIA: 236/10 (87 runs required, RR: 4.72)

  • Kuldeep Yadav8 (26b)
  • David Willey10-0-48-2
  • Liam Plunkett10-1-46-4

England win by 86 runs and level the series. India never threatened in the chase once Kohli departed and, from there, it was in truth a very strange innings - largely through MS Dhoni's display. But this was a very impressive showing from England when it mattered. Eoin Morgan made a smart decision at the toss, Joe Root played a superb innings and David Willey provided the late power. Then with the ball they halted a positive start to the chase before the spinners, Rashid and Moeen, took charge with impressive spells. It all means we have a decider at Headingley on Tuesday. We'll bring you the presentation shortly...

Virat Kohli "We started pretty well with the bat, it was a good wicket, it got slower but when we lost three wickets in three overs that hurt us. I thought that's where we fell behind. Credit to the bowlers, they stuck to their guns. We always want to test the character of the new guys, we expect these guys to do the job. It's a great thing to test our new guys and it's important how they bounce back. Today was a day when we couldn't get going. Moeen and Rashid are both quality bowlers in this format and sensed we couldn't take risks. They created pressure in the middle overs. If it was one down we could have attacked a bit more. This thing comes up again and again, it's unfortunate when people jump to conclusions. We all have bad days, today was a bad day for everyone. The idea was to take the innings deep and he's got the experience. Some days it just doesn't come off.

Eoin Morgan "Thought we bounced back really well. We learned from Trent Bridge on a more difficult surface here. It was an all-round bowling performance. [The toss] worked out, we discussed it this morning. It was a matter of trusting advice and my gut. [Joe Root] His play against spin sets up the backbone of our innings. He plays a crucial part. [David Willey] His batting has progressed this summer and it had an effect on his bowling which I thought was outstanding."

Man of the Match is Joe Root "Same for anyone when they are struggling slightly, have felt good in practice and was about trusting it and cashing in when you have the opportunity. Did that today. The way we've been playing this summer has been excellent and now nice to contribute to that. If we are playing well and others making big scores that's a great position. Thought the way we went about this today was outstanding, ruthless. [Kuldeep] You've seen in the T20 we learnt from our mistakes and we did that today. We took him for a little more. We look to learn and adapt, not just let him bowl at us."

We'll wrap things up there for today. Do join us for the decider at Headingley next week but for now, from Gnasher and Sreshth, it's goodbye and thanks for joining us. Meanwhile, why not hop over and following the action from Jamaica.

Willey to Chahal, OUT, and they are all out off the final ball, Chahal tries to send this down the ground but can't clear Stokes at long-on

YS Chahal c Stokes b Willey 12 (12b 2x4 0x6) SR: 100.00

Willey to Chahal, FOUR runs, goes for a booming drive at a length ball angled across him, flies of Buttler through the vacant slip cordon (England could have had three in there!)
Willey to Chahal, 1 wide, slips down the leg side

Gnvrvikram: "Loosing by 100 or by 20 doesn't matter when you lose. What matters is the effort you put even though you might think you lose. MSD has no clue of it today."

Willey to Chahal, 2 runs, a shorter ball, he goes for the pull and it comes from high on the bat over midwicket
Willey to Chahal, no run, gets forward and drives to mid-off
Willey to Chahal, no run, full at the stumps, driven to cover
Willey to Chahal, 2 runs, driven through the off side, Bairstow does the mopping up around the boundary

49 | (maiden) | INDIA: 227/9 (96 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 4.63, RRR: 96.00)

  • Kuldeep Yadav8 (26b)
  • Yuzvendra Chahal4 (6b)
  • Liam Plunkett10-1-46-4
  • David Willey9-0-39-1

Another good day for Plunkett

Plunkett to Kuldeep Yadav, no run, back of a length at off stump, defended
Plunkett to Kuldeep Yadav, no run, full outside off, pushed into the covers

India 2nd innings Partnerships

1st49S DhawanRG Sharma
2nd8S DhawanV Kohli
3rd3V KohliKL Rahul
4th80SK RainaV Kohli
5th14MS DhoniSK Raina
6th37MS DhoniHH Pandya
7th1MS DhoniUT Yadav
8th23MS DhoniKuldeep Yadav
9th2S KaulKuldeep Yadav
10th19YS ChahalKuldeep Yadav