The best plays and scenes of college football's first month

Herbstreit and Fowler recap a Week 4 full of upsets (2:20)

Kirk Herbstreit and Chris Fowler highlight upsets by Old Dominion and Texas Tech in Week 4 of college football. (2:20)

Just like that, four weeks of the college football season have passed. About a third of the season, gone. It's a gentle reminder that time is fleeting and life is a highway and we're all dust in the wind and deep stuff like that.

Or it could just be a chance to look back at all the neat things that have happened already this season in the greatest sport in the world. So let's do that.

If he does say so himself

Houston's Isaiah Chambers earned rave reviews from Houston's Isaiah Chambers for a masterful performance on the field.

Handle Kyler with care

The Oakland A's, who drafted Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray with the ninth pick of the MLB draft and signed him to a guaranteed contract worth nearly $5 million, have found the past month a little stressful watching the Heisman candidate run all over the field.

Some really special special teams

North Texas' Keegan Brewer caught a punt and just stood there, pretending it was a fair catch, even though any of 11 Arkansas Razorbacks could've pummeled him at any moment. After walking between three defenders, he took off and ran 90 yards untouched for a touchdown.


North Texas punt returner uses trickery to score TD

North Texas punt returner Keegan Brewer pretends that he called a fair catch, then takes it to the house.

Toledo's Cody Thompson simultaneously blocked a punt and scored a touchdown before anyone knew what had even happened.


Toledo scores as Thompson blocks punt in unique fashion

Cody Thompson breaks through the line to engulf VMI's block attempt and takes it in for a touchdown.

Kansas State holder Colby Moore makes sure kicker Blake Lynch gets his exercise.

Some not-as-special special teams

Wake Forest kicker Nick Sciba missed a field goal after originally being discovered missing from the field goal attempt.


Wake Forest kicker inexplicably missing before field goal

Freshman kicker Nick Sciba rushes onto the field after forgetting to set up for the Demon Deacons' field goal attempt and shanks the kick off the left upright.

The Golden Age of turnover regalia

It seems like everyone has a bit now for celebrating the procurement of the pigskin. Let's flash back to the season's first Thursday night, when Tulane debuted some really festive turnover beads.


Vasher's OBJ-like grab impresses booth

Mark Jones and Dusty Dvoracek are as stunned as anyone by Texas Tech wideout T.J. Vasher's highlight-reel catch.

Last year's hottest sideline accessory, Miami's turnover chain, got some refinements and a lot more stones, apparently, as part of a makeover. But it wasn't long before they were everywhere.

We can appreciate Oregon State coming through with a regionally appropriate pun.

But Boise State has a fancy chair.

And Memphis has a Ric Flair-inspired robe.

Nevada, meanwhile, has a rather austere towel.

And Sacred Heart came up with a bottle of glue on a chain, which could be an artistic statement on the sudden preponderance of garish accessories. Or it could just be somebody's Pinterest craft.

This is by no means a comprehensive list. But we're ready to move on.

A memorial suitable for a legend

Florida State honored former Seminoles running back Burt Reynolds, who died Sept. 6 at 82, with an iconic helmet sticker, a replica of the Trans Am license plate in "Smokey and the Bandit."

Where the buffalo groans

Chip the Buffalo surely doesn't consider this to be among the best happenings of the early season, but we can't resist reminiscing about a mascot who fired a T-shirt cannon, uh, into the lower deck during Colorado's Sept. 15 win over New Hampshire.

Chip is OK and even had a bye week to recuperate for UCLA on Sept. 28.

You can't advance a fumbled head in the final two minutes, sorry

He set the bar this high

Texas Tech's T.J. Vasher channeled Odell Beckham Jr. and gave us a candidate for catch of the year in the first quarter of Tech's first game.

When in Alma ...

For his first game on Sept. 8 as head coach of Alma College, his alma mater, Jason Couch wore a kilt on the sideline. The school in Alma, Michigan, which calls itself "Scotland, USA," has an official tartan, which is registered in Aberdeen, Scotland, and is worn by the Scots' Kiltie Marching Band and its mascot, Scotty.

An admirable show of appreciation

In a show of sportsmanship, Oklahoma fans gave Army players a standing ovation as they left the field after a 28-21 overtime loss to the No. 5 Sooners on Saturday.

An admirable show of concentration

During UCF's 56-36 win over FAU on Friday night, one Knights fan stood stoic among a rowdy crowd, staring directly into a camera (and your soul).

A century, on the dot

Anthony Violi, a 100-year-old former member of the Ohio State band, dotted the i in script Ohio on Saturday.

They want effects, some nostril effects

USF engineers created an evil intimidating new motorized bull that celebrates touchdowns with glowing red eyes and smoke coming out its nose.